Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Doctors' Recommendations

Well, Julianne's doctor called this afternoon and told us what we thought he'd be telling us. They all recommend the Nissen Fundoplication surgery and a g-tube. He feels that due to the severity of her reflux, it is not safe to feed Julianne anything by mouth at this time. Tomorrow we meet with the surgeon to talk about a plan. We are not sure yet if this surgery will be here in New Orleans or in Boston.

Just to explain a little, the Nissen Fundoplication is a surgery in which they wrap the top of Julianne's stomach around her esophagus in order to prevent the stomach contents from refluxing back up (for a more detailed explanation click here). A g-tube is a gastric feeding tube. It goes directly into the stomach and this is what Julianne would be fed through. Ideally, after this surgery Julianne would heal for 5-6 weeks then have another swallow study and, if the result is satisfactory, then we'd be able to work on getting her to eat on her own.

As I mentioned, we were not surprised that this is the next step. We are not excited about another surgery, but it seems to be the only option left and its what Julianne needs. We're thankful for caring and knowledgeable physicians who can diagnose these problems and recommend treatment. We're also thankful that Julianne has been protected in our previous attempts at feeding. Please continue to pray for Julianne's protection and for guidance in our decision as to where Julianne should have this surgery.

Now, as promised, here are some new pictures and videos:

My sneaky face

You're not getting any food in me! These lips are sealed, lady! (this was when we COULD feed her, by the way)

Bathing beauty

Watching daddy and mommy do taxes is so boring that I fell asleep.

Just being cute

Here I am taking a bath in my new tub!

My favorite part of a bath is getting dried off!

Quit taking pictures and dry me off, will ya?


Anonymous said...

oh those pictures and videos are PRICELESS!! how cute!!! and all the talking she is doing is soo sweet!! i can't wait to see her again!!
You guys are in my prayers about the new surgery!
what AWESOME parents you two are!! Julianne is one blessed little girl!!
Miss and Love ya'll bunches!!

Anonymous said...

oh, that last comment was me!
<3 Kirstin

Anonymous said...

Hi, Julianne and her mommy and daddy! I am so glad to hear Julianne is doing well at home. I am glad she has good doctors and I will be praying that the upcoming surgery will be successful and help a lot in the meantime. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and truly appreciate you sharing your inspirational journey with us, you're doing great! Your "attitude of gratitude" is contagious - thanks! In His love, Laurie Epting, a friend of Annabelle Butcher's family in Columbia, SC

Scott, Rebecca, Wyatt & Annabelle Butcher said...

SHE IS TOO CUTE! Thanks so much for sharing!