Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Out of Surgery

She's out! They just rolled Julianne past us on her way to the Pediatric ICU. She was not too happy. The surgeon said that everything went well, no surprises. They're getting Julianne all situated in her PICU room and then we'll go back to see her.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our little girl!


Elysmom said...

glad she is doing ok.

Anonymous said...

We are glad to hear she's doing well. Now, you can look forward to getting her to eat that nasty baby food!!! : )

We continue you keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers!!!


A. Stac

Julie Miles said...

I'm so glad to hear things went well. I prayed last night that you could all sleep well and I prayed all morning for the surgery to go smoothly with no complications or surprises and it sounds like most of my prayers got answered. Hope Mom and Dad get some better sleep tonight after having such an early morning!

Anonymous said...

Praise God for His continued protection over your precious angel!
Erin C.

Anonymous said...

I hope she's happier now. She'll love trying all the new baby food when she's able. I only fed my boys the foods that I liked! Try to be patient and this time and trial will pass quickly for you and your little ballerina. Love to all.

Allison said...

Oh how nice it will be to get rid of the old NG tubes & tape! When Josh was finally done with the NG tube it was so wonderful seeing his precious face tube/tape free! You'll forget there is anything wrong with her!
Hope your back home soon!

Anonymous said...

We praise God for his faithfulness to you both and to Julianne, and we praise Him also for your faithfulness to Him and to His word. God is using you all as a mighty witness to His grace! We continue to pray for Julianne's complete healing and for continued courage and comfort and strength for you all. Love, sherry and paul