Wednesday, April 16, 2008

1 Day Post-Op

Julianne is sound asleep so I thought this would be a good time to post a longer update.

Julianne is doing well. Yesterday was a pretty uncomfortable day for her. Even with Morphine, she just couldn't get comfortable. She was doing a lot of gagging, coughing, crying, startling and just being restless. By the time we left at about 9:00 last night (you're not allowed to spend the night in the PICU here) she already seemed more comfortable and was sound asleep. She'd gotten some Tylenol, in suppository form, and it seemed to help. We called to check on Julianne during the night and got good reports. She slept all night and started to get uncomfortable again this morning. She got more Tylenol and did well after that. She's spent the day napping and doing some usual "Julianne stuff"... grabbing her mommy's hair, flailing her legs around and chewing on her fingers. She's still a little tired and swollen and, as I'm sure you can imagine, seems like she's sore from the surgery.

At about noon they started Julianne on some Pedialyte through her g-tube. Its running really slowly right now. Since she hasn't had a large amount of "food" in her belly since November, they're starting her pretty slow. It will be increased every 4 hours and eventually be switched to formula. The goal is to eventually get her on bolus feeds. A bolus feed is when she'd get her full feeding all at once, rather than gradually over 3 to 4 hours. With bolus feeds, she'd be fed every 3 to 4 hours rather than continuously, as she has been since her release from Ochsner in November. She'll also begin getting her home medications through her tube today. Her lasix dosage has been upped, so that will definitely help with her "puffiness."

Julianne is expected to spend one more night (tonight) in the PICU and be moved to the floor tomorrow. We're still hoping for her to be discharged either Friday or Saturday.

Other than that, there's not much going on. Thank you so much for your prayers for Julianne. We are always grateful that Julianne has so many people who pray for her and who care so much about her. Please continue to pray for her recovery.

Since I'm finished with the post and Julianne is still asleep, I thought I'd post a few pictures that I haven't had a chance to post:

Julianne had her first play date on Monday. We went over to see my friend, Heather and her baby boy, Sebastion. He will be 2 months old tomorrow! He's VERY CUTE!

Julianne says, "I'll hold you up Sebastion."

"Don't fall over!"

"Uh-oh, you're getting kinda heavy..."

"Oops...I couldn't hold him up any longer."

Julianne playing with her favorite toy...her fingers

"Look! I can reach my toes!"

"Give me that ice cream."

"Dresses are so much fun to play with!"

"You can put me on my tummy, but I'm not going to do anything but eat my hand."

Finally catching the camera strap, Julianne decided to eat it.

Just a few hours post-op

About 28 hours post-op


Julie Miles said...

Thanks for the update, I've been praying throughout the day that recovery would be going well for Julianne. Her post op pics look good! I'm glad she got to finally get out for a play date! Ethan had his first a couple of weeks ago too - how fun! I know that's got to help your morale for having some "normalcy" after having to be isolated up until her Glenn surgery!

Anonymous said...

She's such a cutie pie!!!! We're glad to hear she is doing so well.

We continue to pray that she gets stronger and stronger every day. Love the pictures of her eating on her fingers.... : )


A. Stac

Anonymous said...

No more tube in the nose to pull out, right?!!!

Glad she is doing well. She is such a little trooper!

Still awaiting to squeeze her cheeks,

The Jack O's

Anonymous said...

So happy to see how well Julianne is doing...I love all the pics and the videos.

Sally Terril

Scott, Rebecca, Wyatt & Annabelle Butcher said...

So glad to hear that everything has gone well! She is so beautiful. Don't you just love that Tylenol in the hiney? Annabelle wasn't a fan of them putting it in but it sure did work. Love the new pictures, too!

Anonymous said...

Love your cutie little baby girl! You two are doing such a wonderful job with her. Can't wait till we can love on her too.

cdhoerster45 said...

We are grateful that the surgery went so well and pray for Julianne's comfort and and continued recovery. Thank you for the adorable pictures - with the funny captions.

Carol Joe

Anonymous said...

I am happy she is better today! Thanks for the pics and posts.

Love Aunt Sarah

Anonymous said...

Jessica, Kent and Julianne,

I guess like everyone else I am so happy for all of the good news as of late. Someone (guess who?) is on your side.

Your little girl is beautiful, I love when she smiles that warm smile of hers. I hope this does not offend you Kent, but I see her Mommy when I see her. You lucky, lucky man.

Waiting to meet Julianne,
Kathy Fernandez Cheramie

Anonymous said...

She looks wonderful without the tube in her nose. We are praying for a quick recovery and speedy return home. I heard that you made a trip to the grandparents for a surprise visit. I know they were thrilled!!! Hope the g-tube goes well and that this will be an answer to her feeding issues. God is so good!!
God Bless!
M White

Jason, Denyse & Hannah said...

Sweet Little Angel. We are so glad Julianne is doing well. You continue to be in our prayers. We look forward to more great updates!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! Thanks for the faithful updates. We'll keep praying for you all.

Matt & Patti Galey