Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We're Doing a Bad Job of Posting

I'm so sorry we haven't kept up with posting the last several days.  Things are going REALLY well.  We expect Julianne to be discharged from the hospital some time tomorrow!  She'll stay in the area (as will we, of course) until Tuesday just to be safe.  Then, if all is well (and we think it will be), we'll be heading home!

Julianne had an echo yesterday that showed some improvement in heart function!  We are so excited and thankful!

She also had a swallow study yesterday.  It showed that she is aspirating (getting some liquid into her lungs) thin liquids but doing fine with thicker stuff, like baby food.  She had her first taste of food, baby applesauce, yesterday in the floroscopy room where she was getting the swallow study.  She ate it right up! We are now supposed to give her applesauce 2 -3 times per day and have another swallow study in about a week.   For now she's not allowed to have any bottles though. 

Julianne's appointments are set for her New Orleans doctors.  She'll be seeing them at the end of next week.  In addition to her Cardiologist, Pediatrician and Gastroenterologist she'll need a follow-up with a Pediatric Neurologist, that won't be for 6 - 8 weeks though.  She should be getting a visit from "Early Steps" (Louisiana's Early Intervention program) some time soon.  They know our situation and want us to call the therapist to schedule her appointment.

Well, we're excited to be getting home very soon!  Thank you for your continued prayers for Julianne.  She's doing so well!!!  We are blessed to have so many people who care and pray for Julianne.

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Anonymous said...

What fantastic news! How exciting that you'll be going home soon! We just got set up with Early Steps this week too and I think that it is going to be wonderful. They have been very nice and helpful so far and I'm sure they'll be the same for you. It's so nice to have the therapy come to you!

We will keep praying for Julianne's continued progress!

Rachel U.

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah! Our God is so merciful to us and has answered our prayers even beyond our imagnination!! We continue to pray for you all. love, paul and sherry z

Julie Miles said...

Praise God! What an answer to prayer that you're finally getting out of the hospital! I told you this is usually a shorter stay - especially when everything goes so smoothly! We'll keep praying that all continues to go well for the next week that you stay there in town.

Heart hugs,

Julie Miles

Anonymous said...

I knew it wouldn't be long before that baby girl would be eating baby food. Yeah! There's no stopping her now. Love, love, love you all. Can't wait until you are home and settled.

Anonymous said...

We are sooooo thrilled to hear that wonderful news. We knew she would pull through all of this with flying colors.

How exciting is it that she's starting to eat baby food. Now, she'll be getting those little chubby cheeks to match her little chubby legs. That's so great!!!!

We can't wait to see you guys back home. She'll be out and about just in time for spring. What a glorious time of year!!!!

Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.... : )

Luv ya
A. Stac

Anonymous said...

Praise God for the blessings He is showering on Julianne and your family! We are so thankful for your good news and rejoice with you in Julianne's progress! Keeping you in our prayers... Love, Laurie and Mike Epting and family in Columbia, SC

Anonymous said...

We are SO thankful to hear the great news of how well Julianne is doing! Praise God for his grace and love to us!! We continue to pray for you all and for Julianne's recovery. Go girl-enjoy the applesauce!!

M White

Scott, Rebecca, Wyatt & Annabelle Butcher said...

We were hoping that no news was still good news & it is!!! I know you all are so ready to get home. Julianne is obviously making things happen and ready to get back home, too! I am so glad that she loved the applesauce...that gives me so much hope right now with my non-eater! I swear these little girls have this whole thing figured out. They are so much smarter than we think.
We'll be praying for a speedy discharge & safe travel home!

Anonymous said...

I thank God for all the blessings he has bestowed on Julianne.

I am glad that they are trying to have her eat "real" food!!

I can't wait to see you all again.

Love you all,

Aunt\Great Aunt Suzett

Anonymous said...

I came home last night after Bible study to find Daniel and Jonathon Nog here with Zack; they were "in the dog house". I am not sure what they were doing but they had fun and no laws were broken, at least I don't think so! You'll have to ask him about it.

So thrilled to hear of Julianne applesaucing it up! She'll be ready for that NO cooking by the time you get home! I hope you might get to use "Thick It" in her bottles, in time. It works very well but not in Diet Coke :-) (Jack's mom used it after her stroke for relearning to swallow.) Praying and thinking of you often!

Kelley, for the Owens'

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful !! We continue to pray that all goes according to God's plan. And you have kept us posted well enough so no need for apologies in that respect !! Enjoy your happy healthy baby !!
See she wanted "real" food to fill her belly !!
Love you all!
Aunt Naomi