Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Out of the Hospital And Some New Pictures

Yup, that's right. Out of the hospital! We're back at the Devon Nicole House and will be flying home next week. With the unpredictable course Julianne has had we're here an extra few days just in case anything should arise that we'd need to go back to the hospital. Julianne is doing really well though. Her heart rate, oxygen saturations and blood pressure all look really good! We're still hoping the heart function improves, but Julianne's doctor said that her output is more important than what the echo is showing. Her output is good at this point and we are very glad about that.

She's on 7 medications now. She takes Aspirin, Amiodarone, Prevacid, Lasix, Erythromiacin, Plavix, Enalapril. Some of them are new, so we're going to be getting used to the new meds and adjusting the schedule over the next few days. Julianne is also being fed more volume now. Her calories are slightly decreased though. She has been a little more fussy lately, but mostly she's our happy girl!

Well, as promised, here are some new pics:

In pre-op before her surgery

One day post-op!

Back at the Devon Nicole House!

Also, Julianne is 6 months old today!!! She spent her 1st, 2nd and 5th months in the hospital and we'd like her 6th-30th months to all be at home. :) These 6 months have gone by SO fast! We can't believe it, really. Here's a little "scrapbook" of her first 6 months. It takes a little while to load, so you may want to start it then come back to it after it loads. Be sure to click the arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the box to turn the page!

Click to play Julianne is 6 Months Old
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Thank you, as always, for your continued prayers and encouragement. :)


Anonymous said...

Happy half-birthday, Julianne!!!!

The scrapbook was a marvelous way to celebrate this happy day. Thanks so much for sharing it (and Julianne) with us.

paul and sherry z

Anonymous said...

Julianne has a puffin suit too! She's ready for a "ski vacation". So glad you all are almost ready to go home. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Yayyyy, Julianne and a very happy birthday! So happy you'll be headed home soon. Thanks for the adorable slideshow! We're still praying.

Lots of love,
Meredith L.

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful news today. We're glad she's doing so well. We're praying for a smooth and safe trip home for you guys!!

Hold on to her.....they grow soooo fast. Your baby is just starting out as one of ours gets ready to leave the nest.

Cherish every moment. It goes by sooo quickly.


A. Stac

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 month birthday, Julianne! The scrapbook is so cute. We at HBCS were so happy to share a PRAISE this week for her successful surgery and good recovery. So many there are praying daily for you all.

Patty M

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 month Birthday Julianne!! The kids and I really enjoyed the scrapbook! We praise God for the awesome report!! I'm so encouraged to watch this testimony of God's faithfulness unfold. Thank you for being such gracious instruments as God uses your family to reveal His power.
Erin, Caroline, and Conner C.

Jason, Denyse & Hannah said...

Wonderful News!! Julianne you are an inspiration! The scrapbook was precious. Thank you so much for keeping us posted! Look for Kaden and parents Leslie & William to be arriving on Saturday.

in our prayers,
Denyse, Jason & Hannah

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 month Birthday Precious Flower!!!!

I am so happy for all of you that Julianne is progressing so well. Enjoy your moments together.

Love Aunt Sarah

MJ/Angel_Wings said...

Happy 6 month Birthday sweet little Julianne !! You look just wonderful, I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Roxy said...

YAY! I'm so happy! Happy 6 months! May your months turn into years... many many years.

Danny McMillan said...

Your little girl is very cute! We are also very blessed with a 6 month old hlhs baby. These kids are such an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Julianne!!!

Thank you for the scrapbook. She has been through so much in her first 6 months of her life and God has held her hand all the way!!

I am so happy that I could be there to share the first days of her life and now see her continue to grow so beautifully.

God placed Julianne in your arms and knew that you two would be the best parents for such a fragile child. You should be so proud of what you have accomplished.

I am thanking God at Easter for showing us all his glory when we put our faith in him.

I hope you have a Blessed Easter Sunday together!!

Can't wait to see you.

Love Aunt\Great Suzette