Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not Much to Report

Julianne had a pretty good day today.  She's just being weaned off of her IV med, Milrinone and being transitioned to the oral med, Captopril.  Once that is successful and they see that she's doing ok on Captopril, and she has a PICC line (another type of IV put in using X-ray) put in, and the central line is removed then she'll be moved to the floor.  That could be tomorrow or the next day.

Julianne spent most of the afternoon and evening sleeping.  She gagged a lot last night and was awake pretty much from 8AM until 1PM because there was a lot of commotion as we moved rooms today so she was pretty tired. The new room has a little more space so that's nice for us.

My dad and Laura are leaving tomorrow, so please pray for their safe travel.  We will miss them.  They are planning to come back for Julianne's surgery though.  My mom is going to stay to help Kent and I out so that will be nice to have her with us.

Finally, I wanted to wish my sister, Laura a Happy Birthday.  We enjoyed spending your "Boston Birthday" with you. :)

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Anonymous said...

Great news to hear she's doing better. We will pray that that continues.

We're also praying for a safe flight home for Laura and Lenny.

Happy B-Day, Laurita!!!

We continue to you all in our thoughts and prayers.


A. Stac