Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Bummer Day

Well, today didn't really go as we'd hoped.  We would've liked to spend the day smiling, laughing and cuddling Julianne, but she had other plans. 

She had a high heart rate this morning around 6.  It was tachycardia but not Extreme tachycardia like she had back in October.  So, we started off the morning with Julianne being surrounded by the cardiology team.  Putting ice on her face, doing EKG's, dosing her with Adenosine.  The Adenosine would only bring her out for like 10 seconds, then her heart rate would be right back up in the 180's.  It was like a milder version of the scariness from back in October.  She also had a chest x-ray and echo both of which didn't show anything that should be causing this.  They didn't feel that it was an arrhythmia causing it.  Her temp was normal until a little after 8.  They took her temp again and she had a fever.  We were told that the coils placed yesterday could cause a fever.  The fever, in turn, was causing the higher heart rate.  So, she was given tylenol and motrin intermittently and watched closely.  Her fever has broken and her heart rate is basically back to normal, as well.

She also has a stuffy nose so, Julianne is still not her smiley self.  She didn't sleep much this morning and was really fidgety all night and she's working a little harder to breathe.  So, she's pretty tired and cranky today.  Who could blame her.  We did get a few little smiles and we were very thankful for that. :)

Julianne is still on schedule for surgery tomorrow.  She's 2nd case so she probably won't go until noon-ish or maybe later. Julianne's doctors feel like she is a great candidate for the Glenn tomorrow.   Please continue to keep Julianne in  your prayers.  Thank you so much for all of the encouragement and prayers so far. :)

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Anonymous said...

awww...i'm soo sorry to hear that! but i'm glad she broke the fever and her heart rate is back to normal!
My prayers are with you for tomorrow!
Give her a kiss for me!!
love you guys!!!

Erika said...

Ugh! Sorry today was so frustrating.

We will have you in our thoughts all day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

We pray that Julianne's fever will remain normal and that her heart rate will also remain normal. God willing that she will be well enough for the surgery tomorrow. If not... we know all in Julianne's time. We love you all.
Aunt Naomi

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear she had a rough day. Glad to see she's pretty much back to normal. Try and rest tonight for your big day tomorrow.

Our thoughts and prayers will be with all of you as she has her second surgery.

She's a tough cookie and will be just fine. We'll be looking for updates tomorrow.


A. Stac

Scott, Rebecca, Wyatt & Annabelle Butcher said...

Oh Jessica, I am so sorry to hear about the scare with Julianne's heart. I am glad that they were able to figure it out and get it back down. Those VTAC's are very scary. Don't these little girls know that they already make our hearts flutter without all of that? You all are in our prayers tomorrow. Julianne is a very strong little angel. Many heart hugs to your family~ Rebecca

Anonymous said...

That baby girl is so strong just like her mom and dad. Just keep those good thoughts. I know your mom, dad and sister are there to help keep happy thoughts about Julianne. We love you all.

Elysmom said...

scary isn't it.

i remember the first time elyse, my daughter heart rate went over 190 when she got a fever. I was freaking out. No one had bother to tell me that when you have a fever, your heart gets that high. This was weeks after her heart surgery so i was really scared.

hang in there. i hope that it all goes well tomorrow. i'll be thinking of you guys.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear of the bad day on Wednesday.

I know that every moment with her is so precious and that you want her to be happy. I will pray that she has no more events like this so that she can go into surgery as planned.

I love you all. I have been praying for Julianne and all of you and will continue to do so. Julianne's picture pops up on my computer screen throughout the day at work and I always ask God to Bless her.

Remember Gods says"Be still and know that I am God". I pray that you continue find the peace of his presence today and always.

Aunt Suzette