Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Special Treat for Daddy and Mommy

The very first post on this blog is entitled "A Day We'll Never Forget." Well, I hope today is one we'll remember forever too but for a different reason! Julianne laughed for the first time! Kent and I were BOTH there to see it. We were so excited and fortunately the camera was within reach so we got her 2nd laugh on video! I could relive that moment over and over again. We're very thankful for that special moment. Here it is:

Here are some new pictures as well:

Sleeping away in kitten jammies

What an interesting red ball...

Sometimes a bear reads me a story!

I'm not quite ready to hold my head up yet, but I'm working on it.

I'm a sweetheart.

Hmmm....will my mommy ever stop taking pictures of me?


Anonymous said...

that's cute!!

Scott, Rebecca, Wyatt & Annabelle Butcher said...

LOVE IT! She is so precious! I love the leg warmers, too! Thanks for encouraging me to see light at the end of this tunnel. This made my day! Love~ Rebecca

Julie Miles said...

Thanks for the new pics and video! What a cutie pie! Baby laughs are the best! Ethan is a tough one to entertain but when we do get him to laugh, it's the most wonderful thing. I have to come up with something new nearly everyday to try to make him laugh because whatever I did last is just not funny for him! It's like he's telling me, "mom,that was SO YESTERDAY!". His 2nd surgery is in 2 1/2 weeks (Jan. 22) - not looking forward to it. Keep us posted about Julianne's 2nd surgery date too!

Blessings for a Happy and Healthy New Year for you 3!

Love, Julie,Dan & Ethan Miles

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thankyou! for sharing that very special moment with us and all of Julianne's extended family . What a very special trat indeed! Grammie & Grandpa love you so much Julianne and her daddy & mommy too. Praise God for another milestone in julianne's life !

Anonymous said...

How wonderful!!!! And she's wearing her Elvis shirt for Elvis' birthday.

Love NSG Aunt Sarah

Anonymous said...

awww....that video brought tears to my eyes!!! soooo cute!!!
...and the pics are fabulous!!!
she's looking more and more like Jess!! what a pretty girl!!!

love the stockings too btw!!!
too cute!!!!
love ya'll!!


Woman on the Edge said...

Oh there is NOTHING better than your baby's laugh. Mackenzie is 10 and still sometimes when she throws back her head and laughs it takes my breath away. It's one of life's best blessings.

Love you guys a bunch!

Anonymous said...

Loved the video of Julianne's laugh!! The kids and I watched it 3 times - they had huge smiles on their faces. A baby's laugh is such a beautiful sound! We'll keep praying about the feeding issues and the upcoming surgery. Thanks for the adorable pics ~ She is sooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing your special, precious moment with us.
Erin c. and family

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sound a laugh is!!God is so good. We continue to pray and I hope your Mommy continues to take LOTS of cute pictures!!

M White

Anonymous said...

OMG !! I mean that from the depths of my heart !!! What a blessing !! She is soooooo sweet !! What a beautiful sound and smile !! Love you all Aunt Naomi

Anonymous said...

That laugh put a smile on my face!!

I almost missed the video because it didn't show up at work. I was told about it by her other great aunts!!

Wow it's amazing how far she has come. Thank heavens for little girls like Julianne!

Love you all

Aunt Suzette

Carrie said...

How sweet and Deacon was laughing and laughing at her laughing...I had to play it several times for him.