Friday, January 4, 2008


Well, the bottle feeding hasn't been going so great. Since the last post, I think she's taken, and kept down, 1 or 2 ten milliliter bottles. If I can get her to take the bottle she usually spits it back up. However, mostly she just won't take it...gags, cries, throws herself backwards. Its disheartening and we pray everyday that her eating would improve. However, we remain thankful that feeding and G.I. issues are her only problems and that her heart is doing so well.

We hope to hear in the next week or so when we'll be headed back to Boston. I emailed Julianne's Boston Cardiologist, Dr. Brietbart, on Monday. He was out of the office this week. She's scheduled for an EKG, Echo and Chest X-ray on Tuesday. Upon reviewing those, Julianne's local Cardiologist will contact Boston.

I do have some new pictures to post if I could ever remember to upload them when I have free time! :)

We'll keep you posted on the details of Julianne's next surgery. Thanks for checking in on us and thank you for your prayers. :)


Anonymous said...

We will continue to pray that her feeding goes well. We look forward to seeing some new pictures.

Luv to all!!!

A. Stac

Anonymous said...

Oh she is such a sweetheart and how lucky she is to have been blessed to have such loving and patient parents as you two. I will pray that the feeding situation improves and that all tests go well on Tuesday.
Love Aunt Naomi

Anonymous said...

Kent and Jessica,
We thank God for the sweet,caring and patient spirit He has given to both of you as you love and care for Julianne. She is such a special little girl and so precious in His sight. We pray for improvement in her feedings and continued strength for all of you.
Ernie and Carlette B.