Thursday, November 15, 2007

We Made It... 7:30pm! I was able to join Jessica, Julianne and Grammie at the hospital for lunch time, where we waited about 6 hours for the medication to finally get to us! It only took another hour and a half to be discharged, which isn't so bad.

We did get home and started Julianne on her feeds, and she really enjoyed her jungle bouncy-seat. She apparently was going through a growth spurt, which makes babies really sleepy. So she was asleep most of yesterday, so for the night time, she was a bit squirmy and didn't sleep that much. Please pray that she will offer some rest time for Jessica during the day and again tonight. Don't you wish you could plan growth spurts for the night time?

We took plenty of pictures, which we will post tomorrow. For now, let's all thank God that we made it safely and that He took care of us.


Anonymous said...

We are so glad that you all are finally home. We know she will enjoy being in her own home.

We can't wait to see her again!! We will continue to pray that she grows stronger and stronger every day!!!


A. Stac

Anonymous said...

Welcome home precious Julianne (and parents)!

Love NSG Aunt Sarah

Naomi said...

We are so happy you all are in "your home". We pray that you will be able to remain there until your visit back to Boston or to go out without making a trip to the hospital.

Keep those mits on Julianne and away from your tube !!!!

Love to all Aunt Naomi

Jen Steele said...

So glad you are home -- and only 2 months later! I would have been thrilled to have been home after only 2 months... Hopefully, she'll go easy on the tube. You may find it is harder at home on continuous feeds bc you have the whole house to roam, baby in one arm and IV pole with pump in the other. If no one has told you about the portable (rechargeable battery) pumps, INQUIRE! I didn't learn about them until we went for his glenn, and what hell it was with the plug in one all those months before. After, we could go on strolls, walks, swings in the park (!!), etc. all while on continuous feeds. Again, do call if you have ANY tube questions.