Sunday, November 18, 2007

Back to the Hospital

Sorry its been a few days since we've posted. The internet is out at our house and we've been pretty busy. Its actually been overwhelming how busy I am during the day. I spend so much time taking care of Julianne (she gets medications at 7 different times everyday) that its been hard to find time to spend with her. Its also hard to work around the continuous feeds. She's always hooked up to her pump and requires quite a lot of coordination to get her from one room to the next. I think its starting to get better though. We're just trying to find ways to make things go smoother. Getting to the doctor's office on time and in one piece is a whole different story...

After changing Julianne's diaper last night, she immediately threw up...formula. This should not have happened because her feeding tube empties into her small intestine, not her belly. It was the first time it happened so we didn't panic. We just made sure we were watching her closely (which we do anyway) and finished getting ready for bed.

Last night was Julianne's first GOOD night in the Tucker Sling. She slept just fine until about 5:30AM when she began gagging. I ran over and sat her up then she heaved and vomited. I took her out of the crib, cleaned her up, rocked her back to sleep and put her back into bed. Not 2 minutes later she was vomiting again. So, I called the pediatrician on call. She told me to go ahead and bring Julianne in to the E.R. to check the tube placement (this has to be done by x-ray).

Julianne's tube placement was fine. However, her doctor preferred that we be admitted and stay at least overnight to make sure she doesn't have anymore vomiting episodes. He said it could just be a one time thing. Her tube may have slipped up just enough to get formula into the belly and then slipped back into place.

So, that's where we are now. Julianne is back at Ochsner and on continuous feeding with no bottle feeding. We're hoping to be out tomorrow and get back to trying to get used to all of this at home.

Julianne had her first pediatrician appointment on Friday. She now weighs 8lbs, 10 oz and is 22 inches long! She got 4 vaccinations. Her doctor said she should not be around any kids or large groups right now. He said to limit visitors and not allow anyone to kiss her and get right in her face. Also, no travel either. He said maybe by Christmas we can go somewhere. We're really not too worried about travel right now. We're just focused on keeping the tube in, keeping the formula down and keeping the sick germs out.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers!


Julie Miles said...

Wow! Our HLHS kids always have to keep us guessing, don't they! Sorry to hear you're back at the hospital, I pray it won' be long! It's good to hear the tube's still in the right place for the time being. Hang in there with the isolation - that's been one of the hardest adjustments for me but it's worth it to not have sickness to add to your daily routine!

You're still in our prayers!


suzette said...

I hope you all are able to come back home on Monday.

I am praying that this was just a minor set back so that you all can get into somewhat of a regular routine at home.

I love you and wish Julianne sweet dreams.

Love Aunt Suzette

Anonymous said...

Jessica, every second you are caring for her needs, that is definately considered spending time with her. She knows her mommy's loving touch and voice.

I hope you are able to go home today.

Love NSG Aumt Sarah

Anonymous said...

It's good to know you're beginning to get used to some kind of a routine at home, even though you aren't there now. Trust that things will continue to improve and go smoother as time progresses. She's a fighter!

Still praying,
Judy & Neal

Anonymous said...

Hi..this is Luke's mom in Boston room 24. Just wanted to share a little ditty I experienced that might be the same with Julianne. I could never allow Luke to have more than one vaccination at a time or he would have a reaction that included vomiting,fever, rash..the doctor said that she didn't believe the shots to be the reason but just seemed more than a coincedence that he would be sick only after shots. I even had the MMR broken into 3 different visits. It takes a long time to get and stay caught up and means more trips to the dr office..but less to the ER..It just might be that Julianna is as sensitive to it as Luke...maybe you want to read up on Thimerol if you haven't already..pretty interesting read.
Glad yall made it home...she remains in our prayers...Darla

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you'll have all the kinks and a good routine worked out before X-Mas. We can't wait to have her as part of family celebration. I know all the cousins are excited to see her.

We will continue to pray that she gets stronger and stronger. There will be little bumps in the road, but you-all just keep pushing forward. You'll get the hang of it.

Hugs & Kisses

A. Stac

Anonymous said...

just got to catch up - sorry to hear you had to go back to the hospital. we continue to pray. excited to hear how julianne is growing and gaining weight. we will pray that you will be home for your first thanksgiving with julianne.
erin c.

Anonymous said...

Thank God that you guys have this blog where other parents that have gone through this experience can share their thoughts with you - thank you God

Sweet dreams Julianne

Love NSG Aunt Sarsah