Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday Morning Update

The doctors have finished making their rounds this morning. The plan for today is to increase the calories to 28 and decrease the tube feeding time to 80 minutes for 45 ML. Of course, since she's doing so well with the bottle she ends up getting more like 30 ML through the tube.

Julianne has a slightly runny nose and "goopy" eyes this morning. I asked the doctor if she has a cold and he said she could possibly have one. I also asked him about the concerns because of her heart condition over her being sick. He told me that although they do worry about colds more in heart patient kids the main concern is RSV. Julianne has had the RSV vaccine and the doctor said that helps but its not perfect. He also said that RSV does look like a cold, but they'd hear wheezing as well. He told me not to worry to much about a cold.

The doctor also said he's giving Julianne another week to work on bottle feeding. If at that point she's not where she needs to be we'll look at other feeding options for going home. We'd probably be looking at an NJ Tube or a J Tube. If we can get Julianne to consistently take 30 ML from the bottle at each feeding they will take her NG tube out for a day or so and see how she does. So it looks like we're here for at least another week.

Please keep praying for Julianne. She's trying hard.


Anonymous said...

We will continue to pray that her feeding situation improves. She's come a long way!!

hugs & kisses

A. Stac

suzette said...

I am happy to hear that her feedings are going well.

Sorry to hear that she may have a
cold. Hopefully it is nothing serious.

I will pray that her feedings continue to go well and that she gets over the sniffles soon.

God bless Julianne's little sneezes.

Love Aunt Suzette

Anonymous said...

Oh Julianne! I just heard you had a busy day and finally managed to pull out your feeding tube. We all know that's why you had a sock on your hand. I'm so happy that feeding Julianne by the bottle is improving.
I was also encouraged to hear Julianne now weighs 7lbs 5oz great job Mommy and daddy! Love you! Grammie

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Julianne! We are rooting for you to get that bottle feeding just right. You are a little fighter!! Jessica and Kent--keep looking up. He is watching over all of you.
Ernie and Carlette

Anonymous said...

Melanie and I are keeping in touch with the blog. I am praying for Julianne's recovery too and for Kent and Jessica's strength. You all have been an inspiration to us through your faith.
Love, Gordon Dotson

Kristyn417 said...

Your daughter is such a cutie!
I'm thinking of you guys and sending her some get well vibes!

Love Krissy, Mike & Sofia LaPres

PS. Sofia is home now and is doing great. We got her off the NG tube last week. It wont be too long now for Julianne!