Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sorry No Update Yesterday

Because the bloody stools continued, Julianne is now on just the Neocate formula. So far she likes to throw it up or not drink it. Not that I can totally blame her. It smells like uncooked potatoes. One time yesterday we got her to take 15 ML and keep it down. Other than that we had 5ML, 7ML, and this morning 1ML. They said it'll just take time for her to get used to the formula. The volume of her feedings has been increased this morning to 50ML from 45ML. She's also now getting it over 75 minutes.

We tried out something called the Tucker sling last night. Its for babies that have sever reflux problems. It keeps them elevated while sleeping. Julianne did NOT like it! She kept Kent up all night long (Kent spent the night at the hospital last night so I could go to our apartment. Since Sunday I hadn't been further than 100 ft from our hospital room!). This morning we got rid of the sling and went back to propping her up with towels. Now she's sleeping like a baby (a baby that's not strapped to their mattress) It is a pretty cool invention though. :)

She's slowly gaining weight now. Yesterday she gained another ounce and weighs 7 LBS 5 OZ.

That's about it for this morning. I will post some new pictures and any news this evening. Thanks for checking in on us and thank you, most of all, for all of your prayers and support.


Anonymous said...

No matter what the formula is, it's nasty......Just try a small taste.....Anyway, glad to see she's sleeping some.

We will continue to pray that she progresses steadily.

Hugs & Kisses

A. Stac

Anonymous said...

Jessica and Kent - I hope it will encourage you to know that feeding problems are at least a "normal" problem with infants! That's a good thing, for Julianne to be struggling with one of the same problems that so many babies who don't have her extra problems struggle with. Almost every mother and father has been through the agony of seeing all the formula come up, ounces of weight dropping steadily, babies not wanting to suck, etc. So much a better problem to deal with than heart arrythmias, etc., right? We love you all and pray without ceasing for your precious family. paul and sherry z in Zachary