Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Latest

So Julianne had a good day today. She was on a continuous feed through her nose all day long, and had no problems. At around 9:00 tonight, she did regurgitate some of her food, including some unknown amount of meds. Hopefully it wasn't much, and she'll still sleep through most of the night. Please pray that she'll have a good night's sleep, as well as her Mommy that's watching her now.

Tomorrow, they will start her on periodic feeding, but still through the feeding tube. Dr. Breitbart will let us know the next course of action and how fast we can progress. So when we know, you'll know.

Anyway, so that's where we are. During the day, we caught a few fun moments on camera:

The real reason why the Saints finally won a game

Afternoon stretch

"Put 'em up, put 'em up"


Kristyn417 said...

Sounds like Sofia's progress. It will get better from here and she'll be more and more like a normal baby everyday! Sending love and hugs to Julianne!!

~Krissy, Mike & Sofia LaPres

Anonymous said...

She's well on her way. Hopefully you all will be on a plane on Thursday heading home!!!

Continued thoughts and prayers.

A. Stac

Patti and Lee said...

We are all glad that Julianne had a good day. We'll be in prayer for you today as well.

Mark said...

Every (small) blessing counts!

Persverse in Christ's love,

suzette said...

Good news. I will pray that she continues to do well.

I know those footies are what led the Saints to victory finally!!

Love you all!

Aunt Suzette

Anonymous said...

Even though we don't comment everyday, we're still reading your blog everyday and still checking in on Julianne. We pray for you both and Julianne every day and are so inspired and blessed by you both. You are a testimony to what true faith and trust is all about. Much love and prayers ~~

Leanne Cole

PS...Julianne is so beautiful! I love her little fat cheeks!