Monday, September 24, 2007

Surgery Day 1, Final Post of the Night

We got to see our baby girl.  It was hard, but we wouldn't have missed the opportunity for the world. :)  Her heart is pumping on its own so that was awesome news.  She does have a breathing tube though.  As Kent mentioned in the last post, she has a leaky valve.  The doctor told us that it was not seen on the echo, so it was a surprise, but the good thing is that they were able to work on it.  That is why the surgery took a little longer than expected.  She ended up with what is called the "Sano Shunt" rather than the Norwood in case anyone is interested in that information.

She actually looked a little better than we'd expected.  Of course, there are a lot of tubes, IV's, pumps, etc.  The thing we were both pretty nervous about seeing was her open chest.  They leave the chest open for a few days so that when that area swells it won't be all closed up and compressing the lungs and other important things.  They do have a bandage over the opening.  So, it was a relief to see that.

The nurse explained all the tubes and other items to us and we tried to remember as much as possible. She also said that Julianne will be more puffy tomorrow due to the extra fluid.  As we mentioned before, she'll remain sedated for a few days.  She's also given a paralytic drug to keep her from moving at all.

They've told us that the first twelve hours are rocky.  She'll have a lot of ups and downs tonight, with around the twelfth hour being somewhat of a "slump" where these babies tend to be at their worst. 

We're going to take a picture of her tomorrow and will post it to the blog.  I'll post a warning in the title of the blog, so if you're uncomfortable with seeing it you'll know which post not to read. 

Thank you all SO VERY MUCH for your prayers!  I just can't say that enough.  God has provided so much for us, in every way imaginable, since the day we found out about Julianne's heart condition.  I thank God everyday for the continued prayers and support of our friends and family. 

She's still beautiful and we're anxiously awaiting the day we can hold her again.


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Anonymous said...

She really is beautiful and God is so good. We love all three of you.

"Just grammie and me."

Drew Caperton said...

It's so good to read this post. I wish I could be there with you guys.