Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Rough Night for Julianne

Around 1:30 AM, Eastern time, Julianne had an emergency situation.  Her blood pressure was dropping due to bleeding coming from the sutures on her heart.  They brought in the ECMO specialist was in the room along with about 6 - 8 other people.  The ECMO is a machine which would do the work of the heart for Julianne.  It will oxygenate her blood for her.  She ended up not having to go on ECMO.  The doctor said that they gave her more blood, plasma, etc. and would be watching her from there.  He said she did not go into arrest or anything and would not be injured from the incident. He later said this morning that it is not unusual to have babies transfused on the first night of surgery. She is no longer bleeding because the hemoglobin level is good, but she is doing well. What happened wasn't at all unusual.

I sat in the back of her room on the "sleeping bench" and prayed and read all of the bible verses and encouraging words on her quilt from the Plains Church to help me remain calm.  God gave me the strength to remain in the room with Julianne and not become a distraction to the doctors and nurses by panicking.

Around 2:30 AM she was "Ok-ish" again.  The rest of the night, well, early morning, according to the nurse, she "held her own."  I tried to get some rest behind the curtain in Julianne's room and did not hear anything that sounded like an emergency going on.

This morning they are going back into her chest again because she has too much blood accumulating and its starting to compress her lungs.  They have to remove some of this blood.  The CICU rooms are able to be turned into a sterile operating room, so they didn't have to take her off to another floor again.  This process should take no longer than a half hour.

So, that's where we are right now.  In the waiting room (you can't stay in the room when they turn it into a sterile operating room) just waiting on word from the medical team.  Overall, the surgeon said that everything else went well and he is pleased with how the surgery went. Please continue to pray for our baby girl. 

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Jeffrey Johnson said...

Kent and Jessica,

we are praying for you and for Julianne this morning. God bless you and give you the peace of mind throughout this ordeal. He is working in this situation. We also pray for your baby girl's strength.

Jeff and Amy Johnson

Anonymous said...

Father, hear me as I pray: Be with Julianne today. Keep her safe from any harm, safe and warm within your arms. Amen

Anonymous said...

Continuing thoughts and prayers for you both and for Julianne. Remember to take care of yourselves too so that you'll have the strength to take care of sweet Julianne. What a beautiful gift she is!

Jeff and Leanne Cole

Mark said...

Dear Kent, Jessica and Julianne,

Oh how our Savior has y'all safely nestled in the palm of His hand!

Thank you for these updates.... we have never stopped praying for y'all in Texas!

Mark Fee and Company