Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another Great Day!

Julianne had another productive day. They continued to wean her off of the narcotics. She received continuous feeds of milk through her feeding tube in her nose. She stayed off of the ventilator, which is great. Her breathing began to improve also. She seems to not be breathing as hard. They also took out the line that was in her leg.

Kent and I got to give her a bath and wash her hair with the help of Nurse Megan! Then, she showed Kent how to change a diaper and he did great. She showed us how to wrap Julianne up and turn her into a little baby burrito. We also got to dress her today. Below are some pictures of us dressing her after her bath.

The best thing of all (in my opinion) that happened today was that after a week of not holding our baby we got to hold her again!! It was a great, great feeling to be able to hold her again. I think she still remembered us. :)

We found out this evening that if all goes well tonight, she'll probably head out of the Cardiac ICU tomorrow and will be in a room on "the floor" as they call it. So, she'll move from 8 South to 8 East. One step closer to home.

As for her Arrhythmias, she doesn't have them all the time. Just once in a while. Mostly at night it seems. So, they're having someone from Electro physiology (I think that's what its called) come by to do an EKG using the pacing wires that are still attached to her heart.

Tonight or tomorrow they're going to take out her central line, which is the line attached to her heart that they draw her labs from. That will be a relief to have that out. Today when the nurse was changing her dressings we all had to put on masks when she changed the dressing on the central line because it would be a pretty serious problem if infection entered that area. They're also going to put an IV in her hand tonight since they're taking out the central line.

Finally, here are just a couple more pictures of Julianne in her gown and ruffle socks.


Anonymous said...

What fantastic news!!!! She looks so good. If you ever need help with the burrito wrap, U. Jim has that down pat. I bet if felt so good to her, too, to get a bath and have her own nightgown on. She looks so content.

We're anxiously waiting her arrival home, too!!! We can't wait to see her in person.

We continue to send our thoughts and prayers to all of you. See you soon!!!

Luv & hugs
A. Stac

Anonymous said...

I've never seen such a sweet burrito! Sherry Z

Anonymous said...

Sooooo excited for the great news!!
Sooooo excited that she got to be back in her mommy and daddy's arms again! She's so precious in her sweet little gown and like a little princess in her ruffled socks.
God is Good!
Erin C. & family

Patti and Lee said...

How awesome! What a great way to start the week - good news, indeed. I'm sure Julianne felt it was a great, great feeling herself to be held again by her parents :-)

Julie Miles said...

I just found your blog today. I'm glad to hear Julieanne is doing well, and she looks great. Our son, Ethan, was born 8-11-07 with HLHS and has been doing well too since his Norwood. I found your blog through the link on the Butcher's blogspot. Prayer is a wonderful thing, it's great to see how God answers prayer, especially in a time like this. You can visit our blogspot for more info about Ethan's journey too:

Jeri said...

Jessica and Kent,

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. Julianne is precious and you all are so blessed to have each other. Her continued speedy recovery is in my prayers. We loved visiting Boston two years ago, now I see one more wonderful thing about this town, what a great hospital. Take care, Jeri from Texas