Thursday, August 16, 2007

6 Pounds, 1 Ounce!

I had my last appointment with the Perinatologist today. She estimated that Julianne weighs about 6lbs, 1oz right now! She's stil growing normally. :) They all wished us well and the doctor and ultrasound tech said they'd be praying for us. I also got a copy of all of my records from this doctor and I will be getting the rest of my records from my normal doctor tomorrow.

Just as a side note, Kent and I finished Julianne's room last night. All I have to do now is vacuum it and it will be ready for her!


Erica said...

Where are the pictures of the room?!?!

Woman on the Edge said...

Yay! That's two ounces more than Mackenzie's birthweight!! Go, Julianne!