Monday, September 21, 2015

Eight Years Old

Eight. EIGHT! EIGHT YEARS OLD!!!! I can hardly believe my little sweetums turned eight.  Time is just flying by.  Sometimes I start to feel sad that she's growing so fast, but then I am quickly reminded of what a blessing and miracle it is that she IS eight years old! God is always happy times and hard times and I pray that Julianne will cling to that all her life!  This post is definitely a happy one!!!

I love planning parties! So when Julianne requested a Wheel of Fortune party I couldn't have been more excited to make it happen!! We watch "the Wheel" every night and it was the perfect year to do this for her! Fortunately, Julianne's family was willing to help make it great! Kent lovingly (and that a word) built her wheel and puzzle board AND played the part of Pat Sajak, Grammy was a fabulous Vanna, Grandpa created the sound effects, Papa was in charge of party favor production, Mimi was a party hostess AND decorator and Aunt Laura generously volunteered to be the photographer! We couldn't have done it without y'all!!!!

I just love her face in this picture!! We have the same photo from the reverse angle on Instagram! (AdventuresInCapertonning)

Big money!!
I'd like to solve the puzzle!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful, smart, funny, tiny, Julianne!
We Love you so very, very much!

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ABo said...

Hello! This Wheel of Fortune party sounds fabulous! We are having an 80th birthday party for my Mom in a few weeks. She Loves Wheel of Fortune! Can you tell me where you rented this wheel?