Monday, March 25, 2013

A Beautiful Smile

Julianne hit a big milestone a little more than a week ago.  She lost her first tooth! I can hardly believe she's old enough for that, but she is five and a half now. I didn't even cry...until she went to bed, that is. :-) She was worried at first and started to have the quivering chin. I asked her what's wrong and she said, "I'm worried it's going to hurt when you PUSH my new big girl tooth in!" Once I explained that I will not be pushing any teeth into her mouth and it would grow on its own, she was BEYOND excited about the tooth loss! There was no way I could cry once I saw how happy she was! She loved the surprise the "tooth fairy" left her...the sleeping beauty doll in the pic below. The girl loves her princesses! So proud of my big girl. :-)

This weekend we went to Lafayette for Disney on Ice with Mimi and Papa.  It was wonderful! Julianne was all dressed up as Tinkerbell. When she saw prince Eric lift Ariel up high she immediately turned to Kent and said, "Oh Daddy! Can you do that to me?" So sweet.  She also chowed down on popcorn! I was nearly moved to tears. She's come so far.  So thankful. 

Flying high like Ariel

 Today, the children's choir sang at church and did great! While I didn't get any photos or video of the singing, I did get some cute pictures after church!

This picture is so "Julianne" right now...laughing and smiling!
This one is very "Julianne-ish" too :-)
I can't believe how grown up my precious girl is getting.  When I tell her that she says, "Mommy! I'm not grown up! I'm only five and a half?"  A few weeks ago Julianne's devotional asked, what job do you want when you grow up? Julianne responded, "I want to wash dishes and put them in the dishwasher and carry my daughter. And I want to be a famous doctor. A heart doctor and I will check the biggest patient in the world!" I love my little sweetums. ♥ She's reading and writing and learning so much everyday. It's such a blessing to watch her grow.

Julianne is doing so well with eating, that we haven't used her g-tube in more than two months! Her G.I. doctor said to call when she hasn't used it AT ALL in six months and she will be ready to get it out! It's just unbelievable.  It seems not so long ago that I would cry and pray and work so hard to get her to eat.  Her doctors would tell me "She'll eat eventually" and that would make me mad because I felt like they were brushing it off.  Now she eats so many things....she's still not feeding herself full meals.  We're still pureeing three meals a day, but smaller amounts now that she's eating on her own too.  Some favorites are goldfish, cheese puffs, canes sauce, fish, veggie wedgies, veggie bites...mainly soft or crunchy stuff. It fills my heart with joy to see her eating these things.  Thanking God for all He's carried our girl through!! That's all for now! Thank you so much to all who have joined and supported Team Julianne already in the Baton Rouge area Heart Walk!


Anonymous said...

Praising God for his continued blessings in Julianne's life . I hold off tears of pure joy as reading her milestones are so touching as I remember where she was and how God has developed her to shine like a light in this world. Thank you Jessica for posting this update just in time for all things new ...Spring time! Love you all! Grammy

Anonymous said...

Soooo Precious. What a special gift from the tooth fairy, too. Lily loves her Princesses, too. Ha Ha Ha. Hope to see you all soon.
Love and Kisses, Aunt Toni