Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Year!

2012 has come and gone and now we're on to another great year! Despite finding ourselves in the hospital a couple of weeks ago, it's been a wonderful Christmas season! First a little about the hospitalization....on December 12th Julianne woke with her heart rate in the low 200's.  We knew the drill, so we called the cardiologist and headed to the ER.  As we headed to the ER with our little princess in SVT, she cried because she was scared.  Then she started singing "Glo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oria!!" It brought tears to my eyes to see those sweet lips singing God's praises even when she was scared.  It sure did make me change from not just prayers for healing and protection, but to also include prayers of praise! She was in and out (mostly in) SVT for about 18 hours.  She never could get IV access, so no IV for Julianne this time! As Baton Rouge consulted with Boston, they decided to up her Dilitiazem and add Digoxin.  So far it has worked and Julianne is doing really well! Thank you, God!

She was discharged on December 14th and we headed home for a Christmas tree camp out  All three of us slept in the living room, watched Christmas movies, played games, baked cookies and set up the nativity.  It was a great night!! I think we will make the Christmas tree camp out an new tradition for our family.

The next day we went out for the annual Zachary Christmas parade!!

Later that weekend, we baked more cookies and then went Christmas caroling with our church! Julianne LOVED caroling! She continued the caroling for the rest of December, even caroling to the staff at her Cardiologist's office.  Such a fun girl!

We got to spend some time with extended family in Kenner the weekend before Christmas and had a great time! I even made real Figgy Pudding!

We headed to Lafayette for Christmas this year with Julianne's Mimi and Papa and Kent's brother and his family. She had a great time playing with her five cousins!

 Ice skating - this was a rare "almost smile" while skating.  Julianne liked the idea of ice skating, but not so much the actual skating! Kent and I really enjoyed it though!

Playing at the Arts and Science Museum

Waiting for the Planetarium show with a couple of cousins!

Decorating a sugar cookie house! She loved eating the icing!

Posing with all the cousins!

Unfortunately, I did not photograph the opening of presents at Mimi and Papa's house very well. :-/ I did get some great pics opening presents at my parents house though!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thankful for another year! :-)


Anonymous said...

She looks so happy!

--Ivan P.

Anonymous said...

Thank you God for all your blessings for Julianne and family Happy new year to all!!
Aunt/great suzette