Friday, December 9, 2011

Disney Pictures (FINALLY!)

Well, well, well, look who took way too long to post pictures from Disney World! Me! Better late than never I guess. Plus, not posting these pictures has been holding me up from posting Halloween and Thanksgiving pics!

First, a little about our trip:

It was AWESOME! I really feel that we couldn't have gone at a more perfect age for Julianne. She truly believed that was the actual Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Ariel and on and on. It was such a special week, I get emotional just watching the slideshow. My parents, Kent's parents, my sister, my brother and my Aunt Suzette all joined us at the most magical place on earth!! FYI...the slide shows are kind of long. You didn't think I'd just post "a few" pictures, did you?

The first night we just went to the Magic Kingdom for a little while. On Day 2, we went to Breakfast at the Cape May Cafe where Donald Duck forced Julianne to hug him and her fear of costumed characters was permanently erased! Ha ha! I sure was happy about that one. At this restarant and every sit-down restaurant we visited, the chef would come out and find out what Julianne wanted, then would go back and puree it! They're so wonderfully, accomodating! We spent the rest of the day at the Magic Kingdom, where Julianne fell in love with the spinning Tea Cups.

Day 3, we went to Epcot and she got to see more Characters, celebrate Papa's birthday (my father-in-law) and ride the Finding Nemo ride (another favorite). Later that evening, we went to Mickey's Halloween Party. SUPER FUN!! If you are at Disney World in Sept/Oct, you should definitely go. Julianne dressed as Toodles and had a great time! She really, really wanted to see the Queen of Hearts and WE FOUND HER at the last minute! Perfect. :)

Day 4, We had Breakfast at Donald's Safari Breakfast and spent the day at the Animal Kingdome where (thanks to some special friends) Julianne had VIP seating for the Lion King show and Nemo the musical! It was so special! Both Julianne and Papa got to be a part of the Lion King show!!! Both shows were BEAUTIFUL!

Day 5, we spent the day at Hollywood Studios and then had dinner at Cinderella's Castle. We ate there for the first time on our last trip to Disney World (almost 5 years ago) and now it's a must. So "magical"! Even I felt like a princess!! All of the major princesses were in attendance!

Day 6, we celebrated Julianne's birthday with more park time and dinner at Chef Mickey's! Oh, I should also mention that Julianne was given a birthday cupcake every time we ate dinner. We'd all sing happy birthday and she'd say "NOW I'M 4!!" and we'd say, not yet. Finally on the 6th day she was 4!! Mickey helped her blow out her birthday candles. :)

Day 7, we went back to the Magic Kingdom for more and more and more tea cup rides and finished out our trip with dinner at the Garden Grille with the much awaited Chip and Dale!

It was a beautiful, unforgettable, magical week. Julianne's far and away favorites were seeing all her "friends" (the characters) and the tea cups and carousel! I'm so grateful for the blessing that this trip was for our little princess. To us, it was not just about celebrating her birthday, but about celebrating all that God has carried her and us through over the last 4 years. I think it was everything she dreamed of. :) Like I said, I still get emotional about it!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...that was SO precious it made me tear up. :)

We love you
Sarah and Frank

Anonymous said...

what a blessing! Love seeing the joy on her face. Thanks for sharing with us. Love you all, Mary Katherine

Anonymous said...

Just to see Julianne's face......what a wonderful blessing. I'm thankful that y'all had such a great time. So glad you share your beautiful family with us. Love ya, Jan Wicker

Anonymous said...

Oh, Oh, Oh, Looks like you had the BEST time! Seeing Julianne with all the characters was great. Can't wait to take Lily in a few years.
We love you all.
Love, Aunt Toni and Uncle Jake

Anonymous said...

Great Videos! Such wonderful memories. I thank God that I was able to be there with you all and see Julianne so happy while enjoying the magic of it all.

I just love it when she asked Mickey and Minnie "Would you like to swing on my swing set"?

Thanking God for blessing Julianne and giving us such a wonderful trip.

Love you all,

Aunt\Great Suzette

Anonymous said...

I am just now seeing this. (Your blogspot announcements were going to my spam folder for a short period of time; Don't ask me why!) When a spectacular time, that must've been!