Monday, July 4, 2011

See! We Really Are Taking Pictures!

I finally managed to get the camera and the computer together in the same room and upload some pictures! But first, an update:

Julianne's cultures did "speciate". That means a specific type of bacteria is growing. Apparently, it would have been more desirable for this not to happen. We will find out the plan tomorrow as far as a longer term antibiotic goes. The main question is will she have 4 weeks of IV or oral antibiotics. The other question is does she need ANY more IV antibiotics at this point because she lost her EJ line last night...blagh! After 3 attempts at a new IV, it seemed like a lost cause. Today another nurse from the IV team came to evaluate Julianne's veins. Based on what she saw and looking at Julianne's history she felt that Julianne does not have anything available for a peripheral IV. This means that if Julianne needs an IV she will be transferred back to the CICU to get another line in her neck or a different type of IV. For tonight she got an antibiotic shot since she has no IV access. Like I said, we'll find out the plan tomrorrow.

Please be praying that God would give wisdom to the doctors caring for Julianne and that whatever plan gets put into place, it would be EXACTLY what she needs! Also, my parents are traveling home tomorrow. Please pray that their trip would be safe and uneventful. :)

Julianne is really in great long as she's not being messed with. As soon as she sees a stranger at the door she says, "What are they gonna do, Mommy?" She's going for a lot of walks, playing with her stuffed toys, drawing, and watching WAY too much Mickey Mouse. She will need to go into TV rehab when we get home! HA! Julianne is eating and drinking almost like she would at home...maybe just a little less. The playroom was open today, so she was pretty happy about that. :)

Now the pictures...we'll start from 1 day post-op:

In CICU snuggling "Nemo's Daddy" watching Mickey

Drawing with Minnie

Playing with the old faithful clubhouse people, two days post-op

Blowing bubbles in Prouty Garden today

Watching the bouncing balls in the lobby

Looking at the real "Nemo's" with stuffed Nemo and his daddy

Going for a drive


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Kent & Jessica! Reading your brief update and then seeing the lovely photographs that you've included with your post fills me with (emotion, both good and strong. Good in the sense that Julianne shows some familiarity/comfort with being in the hospital (AND trying to make the best of the situation by living fully in the shadow of the Holy Spirit with her outlook and desires)& and strong in the sense that Julianne is getting older and more lovely every day! This beautiful little girl is growing up! What a great batch of photos! Thank you for sharing them. Thank you even more for focusing my prayer focus on y'all's behalf. I will pray that our gracious heavenly Father will give the doctors wisdom into Julianne's specific needs so that she can receive this treatment. If we are just shards of mirror fragments reflecting God's glory, then that would explain why your life and witness is coruscatingly brilliant from time to time!<>< Mark

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica and Kent,
Thank you for the update-Julianne is beautiful. We pray that God will surround you all with His perfect peace. We pray for Julianne's comfort and healing. I hope this is a good day. Love, Jan Wicker

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. We have been praying for you all and pray for wisdom for the doctors as they tend to Julianne. She looks wonderful and it is great to see her up and out in the garden!

God bless!