Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sharing Julianne's Story

In preparation for the upcoming heart walk, we've had the privilege of sharing Julianne's story, not once, but twice! The first was with a sweet group of ladies in Central and the second was with John Pastorek at WBRZ, in Baton Rouge. I'm always grateful for the opportunity to share Julianne's miraculous story and to show others how God has cared for our little girl and our family. There is, however one part that I'm always hesitant to share.

Don't worry. It's not a gruesome detail or anything.

When the Perinatologist first gave us the diagnosis she told us the baby "will probably either die or be severely handicapped". We've since learned that is simply not true! I think, had we already been with our current, Baton Rouge, doctors we would have never heard those words.

My hesitation about mentioning that detail is that I don't want to be a discouragement to other families facing the same diagnosis. One of the purposes in sharing her story in the first place is to ENCOURGAGE other families! However, I feel that if I don't share that detail, I can't adequately express how we felt getting that diagnosis, how hurt we were and how much hope God has instilled in our hearts since that day. So, we mentioned it. Whether or not its in the story is up to WBRZ. They are the ones editing it after all.

So, if you're in the Baton Rouge viewing area, check out Julianne on WBRZ on Friday, the 25th at 6:00PM! I will also post a link to the story after it airs. There was no way to share all that is in our hearts during that brief interview, but my prayer is that even through our nervous voices and my bulging, nervous eyeballs, God would be glorified through her story. :)

Guess who's sick...AGAIN? Good gravy, this has been quite a cold/flu season!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see it!! : )
I'm sure you guys did a wonderful job in your 15 minutes of pure fame!! I think it's great that you mentioned that! I hope they show it bc others really need to hear that!
Love y'all!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is great! As a matter of fact my girlfriend's daughter is one of the producers at WBRZ! I'll have to let her know ... I think she met Julianne when you came to see me at Omega one time! She always asks about her.
Hope baby girl feels better soon.
Love Aunt Gnomie

Anonymous said...

We saw your interview on line. You ARE a real Movie Star, Jessica! We are so proud of you and Kent. You are the reason that Julianne is so healthy and HAPPY. Sorry that we missed the "walk". Hope you all had a lot of fun with your family and friends.
Sure do miss you all.
Love, Aunt Toni & Uncle Jake