Saturday, February 19, 2011

Heart Walk 2011!! (and a Julianne update)

First, let me give you a quick Julianne update. When I last posted I told y'all about all of the wonderful progress Julianne made with eating and potty training! I also mentioned that she was sick. Well, she just kept getting sicker. Julianne wouldn't eat or drink anything, had all-day stomach troubles, fever for days, heavy breathing, lethargic....she was pretty sick. We brought her to the ER on Saturday, the 5th, and they admitted her for dehydration, and low saturations. As it turned out, Julianne had Flu A (despite getting a flu shot) and RSV. She only stayed three nights and she was so brave! Its taken her a while to get back to normal, and her eating still isn't what it was before she got sick, but we're thankful to have our "normal" Juju back. :) She needs to have labs drawn on Tuesday, so please keep her in your prayers, that it will be quick and easy and we'll get good results.

Now, the heart walk...

We are so excited to join forces with our friend, Emma Kate and her lovely family, this year! Emma Kate and Julianne are "Team Big Bow" because both of these girls are rarely without a big bow. The American Heart Association Heart Walk is on Saturday, March 26th at the LSU Old Front Nine. Activities begin at 8:00 and the walk begins at 9:00. We are hoping that you'll join our team and join us in supporting the American Heart Association. I believe I posted, back in May, about Julianne being part of a study that was funded by a grant from the American Heart Association. That has made us all the more eager to suppport the AHA, having experienced, first hand, how they're helping kids just like Julianne!! Plus, all of us know and love someone with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, someone who had had a stroke or other heart disease. Supporting the AHA furthers research and awareness of heart disease and that is SO important! So, please, join us in supporting the American Heart Association at our TEAM PAGE We'd love for you to join our team, whether you'll be walking with us or joining us by helping to raise funds for a great orgainization!

We'll be wearing some fabulous t-shirts, designed by Emma Kate's mommy, this year! T-shirts are $10.53 and will be Navy blue with the design below. Youth and adult sizes are available. I'm happy to ship your shirt to you if you don't live in the Baton Rouge area! So, email me (or call or text, but I'm not posting my phone number on the internet, ha ha!) at if you'd like a shirt!


Anonymous said...

So happy and thankful Julianne is feeling much better. Prayers will be with you two on Tuesday for blood work and for good results.
All set for Heart Walk 2011 !

Love you, Grammy

Rebecca said...

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!!!! Team Big Bow...perfect!

Praying for a beautiful, special day!