Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know, I know, I'm way late with this. I've been having trouble uploading photos to Blogger. I think its because the our new camera's images are a good bit larger than the old one. So, I have to upload one picture at a time. Its quite time consuming AND frustrating. There must be a better way...

Julianne was actually sick for Thanksgiving. She's still got something going on, but we're not sure what. I've brought her to the pediatrician twice in the last two weeks. She's really tired all the time. Today Julianne slept until 10:00! I don't think she's ever done that. Plus, she's still taking a 2 hour nap everyday. She's wobbly when she walks and just isn't really "Julianne". The Ped feels that she is just worn out from whatever viral thing she's got going on. We're staying on top of it though and will likely be in some doctor's office this week if things aren't better.

Here are some pictures from the last month. I hope you enjoy! I worked really hard to upload them, ha ha!

Modeling her "mommy-made" Halloween/Thanksgiving dress

Mickey head sugar cookies!

"I have flour in my eye!!!!"

Enjoying nice weather at the park

Thanksgiving day...sick but cute!!

Modeling the reverse side of her "mommy-made" dress :)

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Emma Kate said...

She looks so cute and grown up! Great job on the dress, Mom! It's adorable :)