Thursday, October 14, 2010

Endoscopy is Behind Us!

Julianne's endoscopy went really well. It was quick compared to her other surgeries!! HA! Everything looked good. Here esophagus was nice and pink and nothing looked abnormal. Dr. Alberty biopsied (is that how you spell that?) her stomach and intestines and we should have the results next week. For now, it seems that her eating problems are a psychological aversion to food/eating. We will continue to work on that. Julianne seemed a little out of sorts after the procedure, but after a long nap at home she's returned to normal. :)
Thank you for all of your prayers!! We're so thankful that God protected our JuJu once again! Oh! AND she didn't need to be on the ventilator!! They protected her airway, but she was able to breath on her own for the whole procedure. Julianne was relatively calm until she had to put on the mask with the gas. She watched Mickey and tried to do somersaults on the bed! We are so thankful that God not only protected her physically, but also calmed her fears. We pray with her every night that God would "help me not be scared". She still got upset everytime a person in scrubs came in, but I would say there were many more smiles than tears in pre-op. :)

I thought this was a cool picture! This is Julianne's Nissen Fundoplication. This is looking up from the bottom of her stomach.

Here's the picture flipped so you can get a better idea. That's where her esophagus meets her stomach and they did the fundoplication to prevent reflux. Pretty cool, right??

On the way to the hospital at 4:30 AM! Someone is a morning person...

Acting like a wild woman waiting to be taken to the procedure room

In recovery...grumpy, tired and ready to go home!


Anonymous said...

Oh my two precious nieces. I'm so glad it all went well. Praise God and what a beautiful pink stomach!
She is such a trooper. Thanks for keeping us posted.
Love to all.
Aunt Naomi

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! God is so awesome ! Look at her goofing around on the stretcher before the procedure. What peace! Prayers were definitely keeping her calm there. So happy to hear all went well. We love you very much! Grammie and Grandpa

Emma Kate said...

So happy it went well! Way to go, Julianne :)

Anonymous said...

Praise God for an easy time and a clear scope. We need to come up with some really creative ways to entice Julianne and Emma Kate to eat! They are missing some really good stuff!
God bless,

Anonymous said...

Noticed that your vehicles were home quite early and it looked like your household was napping by 10:30 a.m.! I was praying that this was a good sign. PTL
Carolyn and Ron next door!

Rebecca said...

So happy to see it went well...we were praying for your sweet girl!

I think she's a morning person, for sure! I've never seen a smile so early!

Anonymous said...

Happy to see Julianne doing so well.

Everytime I look at her smiling face it warms my heart.

I love you all.

Aunt\Great Suzette