Saturday, July 10, 2010

Where Have We Been?

We've been at home! And that's our favorite place. :)

Things have been going pretty well. We're back to Julianne's version of normal as far as feedings are concerned. Actually, it may be even a little better than Julianne normal. She has been basically just gagging here and there...very little retching...maybe once a day. That is surely an improvement. New G.I. doctor wants her to stay away from cow's milk products for a month so we've got her eating a little goat's milk yogurt, since one of the only foods she's ever seemed mildly fond of is yogurt. She seemed to like the honey flavor yogurt I found yesterday. She also drank a "fruit shake", a.k.a. fruit pureed into juice. She was excited to see it was purple just like Mickey and the Professor's fruit shake. I didn't measure, but I think she drank around an ounce of it. :) Oh! AND Julianne also bit off a little finger-tip sized piece of a biter biscuit then, at my urging, mashed it with her tongue and swallowed it. Improvement! Yay! Let's pray it continues! Sometimes (like today) I type a whole paragraph and realize that what I've written has so much unnecessary detail that it could be a food journal! Sorry...feeding consumes my thoughts sometimes.

Julianne is still scared of many, many things. She won't go outside without holding a hand, she screams during bath time, she kicks, screams and yells to get away from the doctors and nurses, she hates to have her diaper just breaks my heart. Thankfully we have about a one month break until the next doctor's appointment, as long as she doesn't get sick. Please continue to pray for Julianne's mental healing. She's kind of having a hard time with that. She'll all of the sudden look around the room and say, "No ladies! (nurses) Just Julianne and Mommy" or "No IV's, no blood (labs). Just Julianne and Mommy" So, I know she's still thinking about what's happened in the last month and a half. I pray that God would erase these memories from her mind.

We've been having a great time at home. Julianne has taken quite an interest in coloring and not just on paper, ha ha! She's also been swimming in her "kitchen pool" thanks to our hot, hot and also rainy days. She's been enjoying getting out more and just doing more of our usual activities. Julianne is singing more than ever!! Its so precious. I've made WAY-HAY too many videos!

Swimming in the kitchen pool

Dancing with her reflection in the oven

4th of July after church

More 4th of July

And more 4th of July

Like I said, I've been making way too many videos. Here's one of Julianne singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Elmo's World".

Thanks for checking on Julianne. We're so thankful that she's doing well and STAYING HOME!! Thank you for all of your prayers. They are always appreciated. God is always good. :)


Anonymous said...

Awww so cute!!!
Love the Pics and video!! Your video obsession is not a waste of time! I love to see them! Keep them coming!
I'm so happy to hear that y'all have been able to stay home! And that kitchen pool looks like lots of fun!! ; )
That's a good enough bath for anyone right?
Hope to see y'all soon!!!
I miss and love y'all bunches!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! May God continue to bless you! You all remain in my prayers, especially for Julianne and her fears. She looks wonderful and I'm glad that she is enjoying the yogurt!


Anonymous said...

Can't believe I missed these!
Love that girl!
Cute 4th July pics of ya'll!
Love Aunt Naomi