Monday, June 7, 2010

It's True!

It's really true. Julianne is out! She's free! She's wireless! Yay! We are so excited to have our baby girl back at the Devon Nicole House with us. The chest x-ray looked better, the labs looked good and we were on our way! Praise God! After waiting around awhile for discharge paperwork (which probably didn't take that long, but when you're waiting to be discharged it seems to take forever) we walked out of Children's Hospital around 2 PM. Dr. Breitbart has totally released Julianne and said we are free to return home and follow up with the local cardiologist, Dr. Crapanzano. Our plane tickets are for Friday, but we're trying to get them moved up. We flew through a group called Miracle Flights for Kids and they have to do all of the travel arrangements for us. We are supposed to hear from them tomorrow about whether or not they could change our travel date.

Julianne, Kent and I have been through so much at Children's Hospital...some of the best and worst days of our lives. The care she's received there has been truly amazing and we are blessed to have been able to experience such kindness and compassion from all of the doctors, nurses and staff. It's overwhelming to think that she's made it through three open-heart surgeries!! I know that she will never be "fixed" and other issues may come up in the future, but it sure is nice to have those three big days off of our calendars!

Tomorrow we're planning to take Julianne to Boston Common and the Public Gardens. It was a such a beautiful place to visit when we were here when I was pregnant. We wanted to take Julianne somewhere other than a hospital in Boston and thought that would be a great place!

We'll let you know when we're headed back, but for now we're just grateful to all be sleeping in the same place again. Thank you, God!

Julianne with everyone's favorite Dr. Breitbart

All dressed up and ready to go!

Waiting for the discharge paperwork (Julianne fell asleep)


Anonymous said...

Yaaayyyy! We are so excited for you! :D

Judy & Neal

Jason, Denyse, Hannah and Carter said...

Praise God!!!

I have chills up and down my body reading your post. Isn't it such a relief to have the big 3 behind you! There is such an overwhelming feeling knowing what you've been through and to know YOU MADE IT!! Like you said, some of the most wonderful and most horrible days of your life have been spent in Boston.

Check out the Swan Boats at Boston Common. We haven't done that yet. It seems we always arrive just after the closing of the season.

I must warn you that it is bitter sweet leaving Boston after the third surgery. You love not having to go, however, it is sad to not be there too. It was our second home for so long, that we actually miss it at times. Make sure you take it all in this last time as you will hopefully not return for a very long time!!

Have a safe trip back to LA!

Anonymous said...

Praise God! It's so wonderful she is so strong! I am so happy these major surgeries are over! And pray there won't be anymore big ones!
Love you all, Hope to see you soon!
Love Aunt OMI

Emma Kate said...

So happy y'all are OUT! Love all those pictures...especially the one with sweet Dr. Breitbart!! Hope your flight gets bumped up!!

Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hoorah! from Zachary.

Praying for a wonderful time in Boston ...just playing doctors nurses machines. Just Daddy , Mommy and Julianne God Bless your day together with sweet memories.

Love you VERY much! Grammie & Grandpa

Anonymous said...

I can't explain how happy I am !!

Seeing the picture of all three of you waiting to be discharged brought tears to my eyes. Your smiles said it all!!

Thank you to Dr Breitbart and his staff and nurses at Boston's Childrens hospital for giving all your loving care to our Julianne.

Can't wait to see you all!!

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High: to shew forth thy lovingkindness in the morning, and thy faithfulness every night.
(Psalm 92:1,2)

Love Aunt\Great Suzette

Anonymous said...

I Praise God for the great news! I know you will be glad to get back home. Praying for all of you!
Love In Christ, A. Franklin

Anonymous said...

I Praise God for the great news! I know you will be glad to get back home. Praying for all of you!
Love In Christ, A. Franklin

Anonymous said...

I'm sooooo happy for you guys!!!
What an amazing day!!!
Have fun being free and enjoying this
beautiful day with your precious little
sweetheart!!! I can't wait to see y'all!!
Have a safe return home!!!!
I'm so happy !! : )
love y'all!!

Farren said...


So happy for the three of you!!
Can't wait to see you at Church!!

Farren and Family

Anonymous said...

Such happy news! I know Julianne is "so happy!" Enjoy your free time in Boston.

Love Sarah, Frank and Kyle

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful news! Julianne is such a brave girl to have gone through what she has (and so are her parents). I can't wait to see you all at home. Jacque Perkins

Anonymous said...

YAY! YAY! We'll be praying for a quick and easy trip home. Can't wait to have you back in Zachary!

Julie Miles said...

Congrats on getting discharged! I know that's got to be such a relief to have the 3 big dates done! Praying for speedy recovery here on out with no major glitches & that you will be able to get home sooner than Friday if the Lord wills.

Heart Hugs,

Julie, Dan & Ethan Miles

Ragincajun said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!! I remember feeling like I wanted to run out of the hospital :) It was a place that the Lord used and continues to use in so many lives, but we couldn't wait to get out of there! Praise God for all that He has and will do in and through you all! It's a long road, but you have been faithful!

Oh, and I heard great things about the swan boats too! Maybe we'll go next time...We took the boys on the Duck Tour, and they enjoyed that. There's a great playground in the Boston Common called Tadpole Playground.

We'll keep praying that you may return sooner!

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL!! Such good news and I hope you can get your flight moved. If not, enjoy the sights. I love the picture with Dr. Breitbart-he is such a blessing!!!

God bless!