Friday, June 18, 2010

The Business

Don't worry, I'll spare you. She needs to get busy doing some business. This girl and her g.i. system...its stubborn!

Anyway, Julianne had an upper G.I. today which led the surgeon to believe that her Nissen is still intact. That's good. The issue they saw in Julianne's lungs which they originally thought was a pneumonia is no longer thought to be a pneumonia because it went away really quick. It was more than likely a small Atelectasis (collapsed area), which she had in Boston. That seems to have cleared up. I was relieved that it wasn't an aspiration pneumonia...that scares me. We've never had pneumonia issues and certainly don't want to start now! It made me feel better that her Cardiologist, Dr. Crapanzano, wasn't very concerned about what he saw in the x-rays and I know he looks at heart patient x-rays all the time.

Julianne has done well on her first 4 doses of the new drug she's on. Its really just a watch, wait and pray kind of thing. Dr. Crapanzano feels that Julianne tolerates her SVT well and we would have plenty of time to get her to the hospital should she break through at home. We'll be praying it controls her arrhythmia adequately and there are no break throughs!

In the awesome department, we will likely go home tomorrow! YES! We'll see what tomorrow brings. Thank you for all of your prayers, comments and visits. We've appreciated them all. :)


Emma Kate said...

Hope, hope, hope y'all get to come home tomorrow!! Please let us know if you need ANYTHING!

Anonymous said...

Great news that things are looking up again.

I know you all want to get out of there asap!!! I know Julianne is ready to run out of there and have some fun again!!

I am praying for Julianne and that she is discharged tomorrow if all is well.

Love you all!!

Aunt\Great Suzette

Anonymous said...

Bless y'all! We're prayin' that y'all are homeward bound!!


Julie Miles said...

So glad to hear that recovery is going quick for this visit & that Julianne didn't end up having aspiration problems/pneumonia! Praying today's your big day to get out of there & back to the comforts of your own home again!

Heart Hugs,

Julie, Dan & Ethan Miles

Anonymous said...

So happy she is getting better! Kristen, my OT D-i-L + Zack's wife, wants to know when her last swallow study was. She sees patients all the time with feeding tubes and the like whose doctors have to be prodded into ordering them. Anyway, hope you are about to head home. Love, the Owens'

Anonymous said...

Uncle Dutch is sending her some Bubble Love (and some more bubbles). She is such a happy doll baby no matter what is going on! Jessica, you and Kent are just what julianne needs to make her a happy girl. We are so proud of you.
Can't wait to see you and your new house next week.
Love, Aunt Toni and Tyler

Anonymous said...

My fingers and toes are crossed!!
I hope you guys make it home very very soon!!
Love love love y'all!