Friday, May 21, 2010

Surgery Update #3 AND New Pictures

We just heard that Julianne is now on bypass. They had a lot of scar tissue to get through. So, now they're beginning the "work" on her heart. Thanks for checking and praying!

Well, I needed something to occupy my time and this sure seemed like something I'd enjoy...and it was. :)

The morning after her cath making Minnie do the hot dog dance

Getting an echo the morning after the cath. She has been so good for her echos here!

Holding Daddy's hand during the echo (sorry its blurry)

Julianne was so relaxed for her echo she fell asleep! Ha ha!
She used to do this when she was an infant.

Julianne made a friend at the Devin Nicole House!

Reading books with Mommy.

Dr. Julianne is ready for her shift

Better check Mommy's blood pressure, she's got a lot on her mind :)

The ears look good...just wax.

With Grammie and Grandpa this morning

With Papa and Mimi this morning

With Mommy and Daddy this morning. I love that face!

Snoozing in the pre-op waiting area. We're so thankful for this little girl.


kelleyo said...

Praying here on Sophie Anne Drive in Zachary!

Rebecca said...

Just said prayers as a family for Julianne...Luke spoke his own little blah-blah-da-da-bub-bub-ba prayer for her, too!

Praying for Mommy's blood pressure, too! :)

ccape8 said...

We love JuJuBee! :) She looks fantastic - seems that she'll be out of the woods now. The power of prayer and love of family is the strongest force on earth. Looking forward to seeing y'all. Miss you, Love, Caroline

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics... everyone of them!!