Monday, May 4, 2009

Please forgive my failure

Sorry, I know I said I'd post on Friday, but it just didn't happen. :(

We ended up postponing the Ophthalmologist appointment due to insurance issues. Long story short, we either pay completely out-of-pocket now or pay a small co-pay after June 1st. Since this wasn't an urgent appointment (her New Orleans Ophthalmologist wasn't planning to see her back until August to talk about glasses) we postponed it until June 5th. So, we'll wait until then.

As promised, here are some new pictures and some videos!

We took Julianne to Festival International last weekend. She loves music and even looked like she was "singing along" in the video below.

"Playing my maraca while daddy, mommy and mimi eat lunch"

This was after Julianne's dress got soaked in formula

We've also been enjoying the park near my parents' house. Julianne LOVED swinging! Sliding was a different story. Be sure to check out that girl's tongue in the video!

Finally, these are just some cute pictures that I couldn't resist posting.

"Kiss daddy!"



Thanks for checking in on our baby boo! We have the dietitian appointment on Thursday and I should find out by the end of the week if the one of the general surgeons here in Baton Rouge will accept Julianne as a patient. We are having trouble getting one because they say we're close enough to keep her New Orleans surgeon because New Orleans is not that far away. That would certainly be a headache for us. Please pray that one of them will accept her.

For those of you who are praying for Sofi, she's doing well! Slowly but surely making progress. :)


Allison said...

Singing along?????:) Is she 1.5 or 5.5 years old??? Man she is pretty amazing! Such a cutie!!!

Julie Miles said...

So glad to see she's doing well these days. She sure is a cutie pie!

Anonymous said...

Love the swinging video. What a multitasker! Swinging and sticking her tongue out at the same time. Hope you don't have to drive back to New Orleans for that doctor. I know that would not be fun. Stay away from any pigs that might be at the park, Ha Ha. Wouldn't want you all to get the flu over there. Love you all.

Rachel said...

What a cutie pie. Love that tongue action on the swings.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the video.

Wow that is great that she loves to swing!

One day she may be performing at the festival:)

From what I could see last time I saw her she is going to be walking in no time and then you will probably have to run to keep up with her.

She is so beautiful and her eyes are so pretty it is hard to believe that her eyesight is not so good. The glasses will just put a frame around each of those wonderful eyes and make them stand out even more!!

Happy Mother's Day Jessica, Grammie and Mimi and all the precious Mothers out there that give their unconditional love to their children everyday!

God Bless you all.

Aunt\Great Aunt Suzette