Sunday, April 12, 2009

18 Months! Bam! We Moved! Heart Walk! Happy Easter!

No, we haven't fallen off of the planet. We've just been EXTREMELY busy! Be prepared, this is a long post. :)

18 Months

First of all, I'm about 3 weeks late with Julianne's 18 months post. :(

18 Months

Julianne now weighs 26lbs, 8 oz and is 34 inches tall. She is more fun than ever! Julianne is all over the place, crawling, cruising, scooting and chasing dogs. She's getting braver and beginning to let go of us or whatever she's holding onto for a few seconds to stand on her own. She's loving throwing balls, traveling from ottoman to couch and from toys to ottomans. She does some super charged crawling too, when she'll say, "Get that kennel!" and take off for the kennel as quickly as she can so we can't catch her. Julianne still LOVES to read books! She can finish the sentences in most of her favorite books!


Julianne has also learned how to use the word "no"...oh how we hoped that wouldn't happen, but it did. So, now everything we ask her the answer is, "No." or "No thank you." Or its just, "no formula," "no stroller," etc. She's also started saying, "Let's go see _______" so that we'll take her wherever she wants to go. Julianne knows now that when there's more than one object you can ask for the other one, which in Julianne language is "Ah-one?"

"Where's Doo-nan-nan (Julianne)?"

"Pee-boo!" (peek-a-boo)

Julianne is becoming increasingly scared of strangers and ESPECIALLY anyone in a doctor's office. In fact, at her last Cardiologist appointment she was so upset that they decided not to do the echo that was planned and instead will wait until June. She now cries the minute we walk into a doctor's office. Its a sad sight.

She currently does not like any new toys. She only wants her old toys and books. If we get her something new the response is always, "No thank you" or "all done." So, if we get something new we just leave it lying around for a few weeks until Julianne warms up to it.

Its awesome to see everything she's learning and we feel blessed beyond our imagination to be able to have her here with us.


A little less than a month ago we got into another car accident. This one was much worse than the last and a lot scarier. There's only been one other time in my life I can remember being so scared. We're very thankful that we were all ok. As it turned out, my car was totaled. I'm not sure what was up with that car. I'd never been in an accident in my life. Then, I got my CR-V in July 2006 and from May 2007 until March 2009 we were hit 4 times in that car! I guess we should not have gotten the magnetic bumper option. :) So, we had to add to the list of things to do: Buy car. We finally decided on a vehicle and got one last week. Check it off the list, it's done!

We Moved!

Yup, we're officially Zacharians! We moved here a little over a week ago and Kent started his new full time job with the Department of Transportation on Wednesday. The move kind of threw Julianne off as far as sleeping and "eating" goes. She's basically down to eating nothing again, which is not awesome. The sleeping has gotten better since last week, so that's definitely a relief. Eating is always, always an issue. We're not going to force-feed her as she cries because that will just make things worse. So, we'll have to wait until she decides its time to eat/drink again.

Right now we're trying to get therapies and doctors' appointments set up and looking for a house. We're hoping to buy a house this time.

Heart Walk

The heart walk went really well! We had a great time! Julianne only had to be carried briefly during the 3 mile walk the rest of the time she rode in her stroller. We got to see some of our heart friends and spend time with some of our other friends and family as we walked. We hope to participate again next year.
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Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful day celebrating Jesus' resurrection with Julianne and with my family. We ate too much food and candy and Julianne found an easter egg. Yes, "AN" Easter was sitting right next to her. She quickly gave the egg back to us. She just really does not like ANYTHING new. Which, as a friend pointed out, could be a blessing since she's not begging for every toy in the store. :) Julianne did fall asleep in church so I got to stay in the "big church" for the whole service! Usually I take Julianne to the cry room during the sermon, so being able to stay the whole time was quite a treat.

Next weekend we are headed to Lafayette to visit Kent's family and then the following weekend we are heading back to Lafayette for Festival International. We haven't made it to Festival International in 2-3 years so, I'm super excited to go this year.

What am I supposed to do?

All done.

Daddy's little princess

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and I promise not to wait another month before posting!


jan tompkins said...

what a wonderful post. enjoyed the heart walk video/music; but, especially enjoyed seeing new pics of your little princess. Our grandchild, Hannah, wore her Little Hearts tshirt to school today from the Medical University of SC heartwalk. Enjoy your updates. She truly is a beautiful and special child.

Anonymous said...

Love the new pictures! Julianne is growing up so fast. Enjoyed seeing the pictures of her relatives too. Sounds like she's going through one of many phases that toddlers go through. All you can do is laugh. Can't wait to see you all in a few months. Glad you finally got moved. Happy house hunting. Love you all.

The Butcher Family said...

Whew...y'all have been busy! I am so glad that everyone is doing well and that you've gotten unwrecked, moved, walked and Eastered successfully! Praying for Julianne and for you as you find a new home!
LOVE the pictures from the walk and Julianne in her Easter dress...Oh my goodness, just DARLING! She is so beautiful, guys!
Love and prayers to you~ Rebecca

Drew Caperton said...

It is such a joy to know what's going on with Julianne developmentally. Thank you for taking the time to post and keep everyone in the loop. It really is a blessing to us.

My favorite is "Doo-nan-nan." Can't wait to see you guys next weekend.

Kristy said...

We're so excited to see you guys next weekend! Beautiful pictures as usual! Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that you guys are closer!! Yay!!
I can't wait to see y'all!! Please please let me know when y'all have time to visit a minute when y'all come to Lafayette!! I'm def go'n to the festival!!
Julianne is so beautiful!!! I can't wait to see her!!
I love and miss y'all bunches!!!

Anonymous said...

Julianne looks like a porcelin doll in her Easter dress-so pretty.

She did so well to hang in there through the whole heart walk she is such a trooper!

Sorry that she is scared of Doctors but, I would be too;)

Thank you for the wonderful blog. I think of you all so many times when I go past your apartment area - I enjoyed the times when I could come by and eat lunch with you all.

Miss you all.

Love Aunt\Great Aunt Suzette

Rachel said...

I love the pictures. She is always so precious in her photo's. Thanks for the update and I'm glad things are moving right along, besides the car wreck.

Praying as always,