Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Been Too Long

Wow! I can't believe its been so long since we posted an update. I even missed Julianne's 14 month update! What a slacker mom. The truth is, I've been working on several sewing projects and the time I would normally use to update the blog (i.e. when Julianne is sleeping), I've been sewing.

We celebrated our 2nd Thanksgiving with Julianne in Zachary and had a great time. She even tasted a tiny, 1/2 pea-sized bite of sweet potatoes, which she didn't like, of course. That's ok though. It was a great day...we ate great food, we scoured sales papers and we remembered all of the things for which we are thankful...and that is a lot!

Julianne's 2nd Thanksgiving

The day after Thanksgiving Julianne, my mom and I headed out at 3:30 AM to hit the sales! I know you're thinking I'm crazy for taking Julianne out there, but she was so awesome. She was happy and enjoyed the big day. I put her in her various slings and carriers and completed the mission for each store. It was a Christmas shopping success AND Julianne's first black Friday shopping experience.

In the car ready to go shopping at 3:30AM

We also recently had the privilege of taking Julianne to pick out a Christmas tree! One of my favorite Christmas memories was going every year to cut down our Christmas tree at the Christmas tree farm. While we didn't get to cut our own, we did have a great time selecting the "perfect" tree together!

Going to get a tree!

"What are all these things, Daddy?"

Julianne has been doing great and has even made a major accomplishment in Physical Therapy! She can stand! After months and months of trying to get the girl to put some weight on those legs, she's finally doing it. She'll stand for 10-15 seconds, holding onto something, then plop down. She can't pull up from sitting on the ground yet, but she can pull up if she's sitting on our legs or on a stool. She's also learned how to sit herself up! She's been sitting for quite a while, but hasn't transitioned from lying to sitting until just recently. It has made nap time and bed time quite interesting. The first couple of nights involved multiple trips back to Julianne's bed to lie her down and say "night night" again. Today has been no problem though.

We started Julianne on her new medication, Periactin, last week. It really seems to be helping. The gagging and retching has decreased and she seems a lot more comfortable during the feedings. While it hasn't eliminated the gagging/retching, we're thankful that its at least decreased and made her more comfortable.

Julianne has started taking very small sips of water from a sippy cup and an open cup. By small, I mean VERY SMALL. That is still an accomplishment for her!

She is also talking more than ever! We can't believe all the things this girl can say! Every morning when she wakes up she says "Mornin'!". She'll peep through her crib slats and say, "I see you" and she can identify lots of animals and animal sounds now. I have some of the talking on video now. I will post it...eventually...it takes a while for videos to upload.

We can't believe Christmas is almost here. Julianne's second Christmas...sigh...she's growing up so fast. We'll be in Lafayette for Christmas this year and in Zachary for New Years. We're so excited to see how Julianne will enjoy the celebration this year as compared to last year!

Finally, here are some pictures we wanted to share and a brief Christmas video from Julianne:

Pressing her nose against the window

I'm still ONE!

A "big girl" standing up in her first "mommy-made" dress

"What? You want these keys back?"

We know she doesn't know what those words mean yet, but one day she will! We hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season and aren't getting stressed about shopping, baking, crafting, traveling, etc. Enjoy the Christmas season. It's always gone so quickly! Thank you, as always, for all of the prayers and for checking in on our little miracle. :)


Elysmom said...

she's soo cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to start my busy day; thank you for the beautiful pics and video.
Love NSG Aunt Sarah

Carrie said...

That is the cutest thing ever...we must meet her when you guys are in for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie little dress mommy made. Glad to see Uncle Daniel in the Thanksgiving Day pic. Julianne IS GROWING UP SO FAST. She is doing so well. We love you all. Hope Grammie doesn't work to hard during the holidays. Maybe everyone will help out. Wish we could join in the fun too.

The Butcher Family said...

Her precious little voice is like butter! So darling!
I love her Mommy-made outfit, too! Jessica, you are quite talented! That fabric is so timeless and adorable on her. I have made some of Wyatt's outfits in the past and they are so special (and so much cheaper!) than buying them.
Merry Christmas~ Rebecca

Anonymous said...

A girl after my own heart....getting out on Black Friday.......I now will have someone to shop with in the future..... : )
She is growing oh so fast and getting cuter by the minute.....
Love the new duds....it's great to have such a talented mommie... : )
We're looking forward to our X-Mas celebration.....Happy Shopping!!!

Luv A. Stac

Anonymous said...

Shopping so early! You're training her right! Can't wait for Christmas. Thanksgiving photo is wonderful! The video is very touching. Someday she understand Jesus. What a blessing! I love the dress. We love you all. Mimi and Papa

Anonymous said...

Julianne is a precious angel. She looks so pretty in her dress her mommie made.

Her personality is coming through and I look forward to the joy of seeing her grow up over the years as I have of all my wonderful neices and nephews.

She is such a reminder of God's wonderful blessings and your endless faith.

God Bless you all.

Love Aunt\Great Aunt Suzette

Anonymous said...

It will be so nice when you all move closer to grammie and grandpa and aunt Laura. No more scary highway driving every weekend. Closer to mimi and papa too. So lucky for julianne to grow up near her grandparents. She will cherish that.

Anonymous said...

She is really growing and I am so glad to hear of all of her accomplishments. God has been so good to us all!! What a blessing you have all been to us. Have a very Merry Christmas and we hope to see you while in Zachary for New Year's.

God bless,