Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To Boston and Back

Well, we made it back from our super quick trip to Boston. Kent wasn't able to make it this time, so my mom and Aunt Toni came with Julianne and I. Julianne had her examinations and it was about what we expected. She's behind in gross motor and she wouldn't participate in anything else the therapist wanted her to do. We know that Julianne is kind of shy around new people though and we expected it. The therapist did say that she sees a lot of 14-month-olds for this evaluation and Julianne is definitely the "chattiest" and has the most language understanding that she's seen. That was really good to hear. We know that Julianne is progressing at her own pace, but its still kind of disheartening to know that most of the kids her age are walking and she's not even crawling, so hearing that she's ahead in something felt great! Julianne's echo looked as normal as it could for her. She still has a leaky tricuspid valve, but her right ventricle function was labeled "normal." That was good news. They couldn't see one of her pulmonary arteries but said that is not a problem. Julianne did fine with the sedation, in fact it was a little humourous to see her get "loopy" before she drifted off to sleep. :) We did get the opportunity to meet with a G.I. doctor while in Boston. He had a couple of suggestions (Farrell Bag and Periactin) and I'm waiting for Julianne's local doctor to call me back about getting those perscriptions. Hopefully these will give her some relief. She also got to see her Boston Cardiologist, Dr. Breitbart. He's such a wonderful and caring doctor, it was really great to be able to say hello and show him how Julianne has grown.

Julianne did great on the flights. She got a little fussy a couple of times, but really it was just because she couldn't get comfy to go to sleep. We were all really tired when we got home!

Julianne on the hotel bed getting ready for "night night"

Julianne at Quincy Market in November 2008

Julianne at Quincy Market in September 2007

At breakfast before our flight on Saturday

Julianne trying out the airplane seat

"Hey! What's going on back there?"

Boston really holds a special place in my heart. It has become a "home away from home" over the past year and a half. I LOVE that city. I guess it could be an emotional connection because we've spent the best and worst days of our lives there. I really enjoy seeing how things have changed each time we've gone back. In fact, there was a building that we'd pass everyday as we went to and from the Devon Nicole House. It was an old apartment building that was covered in vines. The only lights that were ever on were in the basement. Kent and I would joke as we passed by at night that Freddy Kreuger was down there, ha ha! It was a really cool building and I always wanted to go inside. In the picture below most of the vines are dead because it was winter, but I think you can still get the idea.

Vine covered building in February 2008

Vine covered building in November 2008

That's right. Its gone. I was really disappointed that it was gone. It was the thing I most enjoyed looking at on the walk from the Devon Nicole House to the hospital. Oh well...the Devon Nicole House won't even be there when we go back in a little more than a year. They're working on a new facility that can accomodate more families.

Overall it was a good trip. It was nice to be there and have Julianne with us the whole time...not in the hospital. We'll see you in 2010, Boston.


Julie Miles said...

It looks like Julianne enjoyed her trip - I'm sure she was as glad as you two that she didn't have to stay in the hospital while in Boston! Glad you had a safe trip and that her speech is going well, even if a few other things aren't quite on track yet - Ethan's just the opposite - crawling but not really talking yet. I know you're relieved to not have to be back there for a couple of years - Yay!

Anonymous said...

We are THRILLED to hear she had a good trip. We knew they'd say she's way head in her talking....She's our little chatty-cathy.... : )

She will get on the move soon, and then there'll be no stopping her. It's nice to know that she won't have to travel up there unitl 2010!!

Luv you all and see ya soon!!!

A. Stac

Anonymous said...

Grammie and Aunt Toni had a great time being with Julianne and Jessica for this whirlwind trip to Boston. Jessica and Julianne had their very own personal assistants and we were so happy to be able to oblige. Traveling with baby and all the supplies is a real challenge . I am amazed at what you young mommies can manage. Julianne blew kisses all over Boston and back . She is such the social butterfly and can melt the hardest of hearts. We thank God for the good news on Julianne, for Aunt Toni,for safe travel and all our prayer partners and family who joined us in spirit. I agree with Jessica,bittersweet memories flooded my mind as I too, returned to visit our "home away from home" Boston. Hats off to Boston ! (Blowing a kiss) until 2010 ! Love Grammie

Anonymous said...

Hi..Luke's mom here! We met last year on your first visit to Boston. Glad all is going well with Julianne...was wondering if Julianne has ever seen Imagination Movers on the Disney Channel...one of the singers looks very much like her daddy! I think of yall everytime that show comes on..I think it would really get her attention at first until she figured it out! Just thought I would share.

Rachel said...

Glad the trip went well. She seems like such a happy baby. Glad to hear the Echo was good!


Elysmom said...

I have 5 Farrell bags that we aren't going to use that I can mail to you. Elyse no longer needs them. A month ago, we donated 3 boxes of them.

The Butcher Family said...

LOVE Julianne's long hair in the back! We always see her pretty face so it was a surprise to see how long her hair is getting!
Glad you enjoyed your trip...I was in Charleston today delivering baskets. There's just something so close to your heart in those sacred cities...

Love to you all~ Rebecca