Sunday, July 13, 2008

Its Like Science Fiction

A Covington, LA doctor is treating patients in heart failure using stem cells from their own bone marrow! The people he's treating seem to be out of other options and so far this treatment really is making a difference for them! Just a couple of weeks ago Julianne's cardiologist told me that scientists have also been able to grow beating heart cells from a person's own cheek cells! Who knows what kind of treatments will be available as Julianne and our other heart patient friends get older! I really do believe that God can and does use these doctors and scientists to make miracles happen.

To read the story or watch the video about the Covington doctor click the link below:
Dr. breaks new ground by using stem cells on damaged hearts


Anonymous said...

that really is AMAZING!!!
Glad to see a post!!
i haven't heard from you guys in a while!!! Hope things are going well!! Miss ya'll!!!
<3 Kirstin

cdhoerster45 said...

This is wonderful news and I pray for the doctor in Covington and others to continue to sucessfully search for miracles.
All the best to sweet Jullianne and all of you.

Carol Joe