Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Pictures

The trip to Lafayette was great and Julianne did wonderfully traveling. She really is a great traveler whether its by car or plane!

Julianne had her first Occupational Therapy session today. She did well and the OT gave us some exercises to do this week. Here's what we should be doing; give her all her feedings (including tube feedings) in the high chair, give her some food to play with, stimulate her mouth using non-food items such as a washcloth, toys, teether, a finger, etc. She also gave us some other things to do before and as we're trying to feed Julianne baby food. She said not to be concerned that she's eating and swallowing a certain amount right now. We're just trying to get her used to the textures and tastes and the feeling of food in her mouth. Overall it went well. Hopefully Julianne will get used to getting her tube feedings in the high chair soon...right now she's not too happy about it.

Here are some new pictures:

Just being a sweet girl

Is that my foot?

I see you with that camera

Already texting!

Sleeping Beauty

Cute little feet

There isn't much else to update. I'll try to post an update after the Ophthalmologist appointment on Friday. All things considered, Julianne seems to be doing well! We couldn't be happier about that! I'm sure I don't have to say...the gagging continues...that's just a given. :) Thank you for all of your prayers and comments!


Anonymous said...

She has such lovely ensembles! I am glad you are pleased with her progress and that you had a safe trip.

Love NSG Aunt Sarah

PS Thank you for my precious pic you sent me.

Jason, Denyse & Hannah said...

She is so adorable and always so smiley! It is great to see her so happy! Thanks for the updates & the pictures. We love watching her grow!

Anonymous said...

She looks like a cutie pie in her spring dress. I'm glad to see it fits her just in time for the season.

Thanks for the cute pic also.


A. Stac