Friday, May 2, 2008

The Week in Review

Julianne had a pretty good week. We're still dealing with the gagging & retching, but so far today has been a good day with only 3 episodes this morning!

Julianne's Grandpa and Grammie (Jessica's dad and mom) have been staying with us this week and we've definitely enjoyed being able to spend some extra time with them!

The baby dedication went well. Julianne was REALLY good in church. She did start to babble during the sermon so Jessica took her to the back of the church. She looked SO pretty in her dress. We will post some pictures of Julianne in her dress when we get them from Grandpa and Grammie's computer. Julianne had a lot of supporters at church Sunday, including her Mimi and Papa, Grandpa and Grammie, Great Grandpa and Great Grandma, Aunt Laura, Uncle Daniel, Aunt Suzette, Uncle Jim and Uncle Daniel's girlfriend, Katy. Afterward we had sandwiches and cake at our apartment. It was a good day. :)

Julianne has been working really hard at trying to sit up! She can hold her self up for probably like 30 seconds or so. The problem is that she is lacking upper body strength so she has a hard time catching herself when she starts to lean forward.

We have a few doctor's appointments next week so we'll be sure to update. Here are some pictures from this week and we'll work on getting those baby dedication dress pictures :)

If you can't wear a bonnet when you're a baby when CAN you wear one, right?

Heading to the farmer's market! (It was chilly that morning)

Playing with my new ball

Still playing!


Allison said...

Julianne is so cute! I love all of the pictures...and I love the comment about the bonnet, so true! So cute!

Anonymous said...

She is such a cutie pie.....I just love the colorful outfits, it's going to fit her personality!!!

We're glad to hear she's doing well and getting into a routine. Keep the pictures coming!!!


A. Stac

Anonymous said...

We are so grateful to be able to keep up with Julianne by pictures. She is such a beautiful baby. God is so good, and we thank Him for all of you!

Judy & Neal H.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to have so many loved ones to celebrate with you! Julianne is a precious angel.

Love Aunt Sarah

Anonymous said...

What a cutie-bear she is!!! God has gifted her with a bubbly personality in spite of her medical problems, hasn't he? Of course, we know we're only getting the smiley pics and she's not cheerful ALL the time, but still she seems to have such a happy spirit. And we know where that Spirit comes from! love, paul and sherry z

Anonymous said...

What a cutie little baby playing with her princess ball! She is so happy and has the cutest smile. Keep up the great work you're doing with her.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new pictures-she is precious!! I'm so glad that the dedication went well and that you had your precious family with you. What a special time and what a special little one she is to our Father!

God bless,
M White