Thursday, May 8, 2008

Baby Dedication Pictures (and a dr. appointment update)

First, here are the dedication pictures:

Getting dressed in the car (we couldn't let the carseat wrinkle her dress!)

In church before the service.

Pastor Jim and Julianne

This was the picture that was up on the screen during her dedication

Julianne had pediatrician and cardiologist appointments today. Both went really well. Julianne was so good! She was happy and babbling almost the whole way through (she really hates the part during an echo when they have to put the wand under her neck). She weighed in at 19lbs 2 oz and was 26 1/2 inches long. She's approaching the 95 percentile now (they showed me how she plotted on the growth chart since her Glenn and it's almost a straight line up)! They said she looks good and does not need to be on increased calorie formula any longer. So she'll still be getting Neocate, but it will be 20 calories per ounce as opposed to 24 calories per ounce (after all, we don't want her to end up on Maury Povich as the 100 pound baby!). Her right ventricle function is still mildly depressed but nothing to be overly concerned about. There is some narrowing of the aorta but since she had a cath about 2 months ago and it was fine then (when the aorta looked the same as it looks now by echo), he's not worried. She will have further echoes to keep an eye on it. Her Holter monitoring revealed no rhythm problems and her blood work last month showed no liver or thyroid problems (her liver and thyroid is tested monthly because Amiodorone has the potential to cause problems). Julianne's cardiologist felt that she no longer needed to be on Lasix, so that's one less med! Her next appointment with cardiology is in a month and with pediatrics in 6 weeks. Julianne has a Neurology appointment on May 20th and after that no appointments until June 13th!

Finally, I wanted to post a picture of Julianne's G-tube button in case you've never seen one. What she has is called a Bard Button. It opens up sort of like a tic-tac lid and we plug in her feeding tube to feed her and give meds. The long, straight line scar above the button is from the incision for her Nissen Fundoplication. The other small "brown-ish" scars are from pacing wires and various lines and drain tubes she's had after her heart surgeries. That deep, dark hole is her belly button (it looks REALLY deep and round in this picture, ha ha!)

That's all for now. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers! Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

A very happy Mother's Day to you, too. She looked just so beautiful in her dress. I'm sorry I couldn't be there, but didn't want to spread the germs!!!

We are thrilled to hear she is getting stronger and stronger every day. We are so thankful for that.

Enjoy your weekend visit up in Zachary. We'll see ya soon!!


A. Stac

Scott, Rebecca, Wyatt & Annabelle Butcher said...

Julianne looks like a little dollbaby in her dedication dress! She is so beautiful! I know that day was very special to you and Kent. Happy Mother's Day, Jessica. Love~Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Jessica!!!!!

Your calm spirit (and humor) is such a blessing to all.

Love Aunt Sarah

Anonymous said...

Jessica, Kent and Julianne -- just wanted you to know how disappointed we were that we missed your visit in Zachary this past Sunday. We had to leave to meet Scott & Family for an early lunch. Saw you from a distance (from the choir) and you all looked great! Hope to see you again soon. Love, Judy & Neal H.

Anonymous said...

She is ever so beautiful. God bless you all.
Love Aunt Naomi

Laje Kahr said...

So good to hear she's improving!

Shalom :)