Thursday, March 13, 2008

Surgery Day: Update 1

It's about 7:45 AM Est and we just left Julianne as they took her to the OR.  We woke her up at 6:00 and got to spend the morning snuggling and playing. 

It was very hard to leave her but we take comfort in knowing that God is holding her even though we can't right now.

We don't expect the first update from the Nurse liaison for another hour to hour and a half.  We'll update when we get an update.

Thank you for your prayers and for checking in!

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Elysmom said...

i'm praying that all goes well.

take care!

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with each of you - all day.

I love you
Aunt Sarah

Anonymous said...

Paul and I plus all the girls in the MOMs class at Plains will be praying for Julianne this morning!
love, sherry z