Thursday, March 13, 2008

Surgery Day: Post-Op

Julianne is in her room sleeping peacefully.  She started to wake up a little so they gave her more medicine to keep her asleep.  She's still got her breathing tube in but may have that out some time tomorrow.  The surgeons are happy with where she is.  She's getting a little blood right now and they're still working on getting her blood gases where they need to be, but the doctor we just saw said she's in a good place. 

We got to rub her little foot and touch her head (Jessica touched her side but she started to no more of that :).

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and encouragement. We are so grateful to God that he brought Julianne through her surgery safely and without complication.  Please pray for a smooth and complete recovery and for continued protection for Julianne.

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Anonymous said...

More wonderful news.....We are thrilled that she is doing so well!!!

We continue to keep praying for a speedy recovery and getting her back home soon!!!!

Love to all....

A. Stac

Anonymous said...

We are so greatful for God's protection on Julianne and pray that he will speed her recovery. We send hugs and kisses your way!

Judy & Neal H.

Anonymous said...

I know you can breath a little deeper now that you have actually seen and touched your angel! My prayer is and will continue to be that our Lord will keep his protective hands around all three of you! I pray for a complete and fast recovery so you can get back home in the loving arms of your family.

Julie Miles said...

What an answer to prayer! I'm glad that surgery went well, now we'll just continue praying for a speedy recovery. You'll be amazed at the differences in recovery time from the first one, plus you're "old pros" at the hospital routine so hopefully that will make it a little easier this time - not as much stuff will come as a surprise and you'll understand medical lingo better, which helped us get through the second surgery a little easier. I know these first 24 hours post-surgery are still pretty critical so you're in our prayers!

Blessings and heart hugs,

Julie, Dan & Ethan Miles

Anonymous said...

What good news! We are praising our WONDERFUL God for His continued protection for Julianne!

Rachel U.

Anonymous said...

Your cutie little girl will be smiling at you in no time. We love all of you.

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful news that Julianne came through her surgery so well. What a relief for her family. She is such a strong, determined little girl, as well as charming. Will continue to pray for her recovery.

Jacque P.