Sunday, March 9, 2008

Not Much to Report

Today was a good and uneventful day. :) Nothing major went on. They just increased Julianne's caloric intake a little to help "beef" her up for surgery. We're still anticipating a surgery date this week. We might not know when until Tuesday though. That's when they do surgical rounds. We'll let you know when we know. In the mean time here are some new pictures:

We think this little butterball might be teething!

Ooooh I like being in my stroller!



Anonymous said...

I love the one of her in her diaper. She's going to love the summertime, barely any clothes and no shoes!!!

We continue to pray for a speedy recovery and an uneventful week.


A. Stac

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful and has gone through so much. And she has such a wonderful demeanor !! She just looks so content and happy.
Love to you all and God Bless including Grammie and Grampa.
Aunt Naomi

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your updates and pics. She is fabulous!!!

My love to all
Aunt Sarah

Jeffrey Johnson said...

I see Kent in her smile on the last photo. Cutie!

Anonymous said...

that last pic is just the cutest one ever! her personality really shows in that one! i love it!! i'm keep'n the prayers go'n for you guys!! love ya'll!!

Woman on the Edge said...

Awww, Levi and Mackenzie had one of those blankets with the chewy corners. Memories!!

They love to look at pictures of "baby Julianne." Levi asks "Can I see the pictures of the baby that goes to the doctor?" That's Julianne!! Whenever he saw her feeding tube and everything and I explained that she was in the hospital and the doctors were trying to help her heart, she became "Baby That Goes to the Doctor."

We are all 3 rootin' for ya and praying too!

Anonymous said...

We will pray for a surgery date this week!! She looks great and is such a trooper!! We continue to pray for safety for Julianne and wisdom for the doctors and nurses and peace for all of you!! Thanks so much for the pictures.

In Christ,
M White

Anonymous said...

Such sweet pictures I wish I could just reach out and cuddle her!

I am glad to hear that she is doing well.

I love you all

Aunt Suzette

Anonymous said...

Juilianne has such beautiful and smiling eyes! I love seeing her pictures as it is a confort to see those smiles. Thanks for taking the time to share with us your presious baby girl. God often places her and you both on my heart to pray. May you feel His Love and arms around all of you today. Love In Christ,
A. Franklin