Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pictures, Video and Catheterization Day

We left Julianne at about 12:30 for them to do a sedated echo and her heart catheterization. The nurse said that we shouldn't expect to see her until at least 4:00. She just called with the first update and said that Julianne is sedated, has the breathing tube in and they're doing the echo. She's doing fine. :)

Her feeding was turned off at 1:00 AM and she was put on IV fluids. So Julianne has been without food for 12 hours! She was in a surprisingly good mood. She was all smiles today. We were very thankful for that.

I'll post the results of her cath this evening. Until then, here are some new pictures AND a video (are we obsessed, or what?)!

Yesterday, waiting to be admitted

Julianne in her hospital room last night.

Julianne eyeballing the doctors

Having a good 'ol time with daddy and mommy before her cath!!

More good times with the parents

Finallly, here's a video of Julianne playing at the Devon Nicole House on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Thank you God for allowing Julianne to be contented in the midst of the medical procedures. She is one sweet adorable baby may God bless her and keep her under his watch and care. May God keep Kent and Jessica calm and reassurred through his Word and his ever present spirit. Counting down until we can be with you
! Love you ! Grammie, Grandpa & Aunt Laura

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing those beautiful smiles. Yes your smile is beautiful too Kent.
So far so good? Yeah!
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one Julianne "eyeballs".
Lots of Love
Aunt Naomi

Anonymous said...

Well i do believe you guys have every right to be obsessed with the little cuttie! i plan on being obsessed with mine when (and if it ever happens) i ever have one!!!
she looks so cute in the pics, and i think the video of her "playing" is just her smooth way of making you guys think she's playing while she so cleverly takes pulls that tube out!...lol...
hope you guys are do'n well way over there! miss ya'll!!!
<3 Kirstin