Friday, February 29, 2008

Getting Her PICC Line

Well, Julianne is getting her PICC line now. It should take about an hour to two hours so we thought this was a good time to go across the street and post some pictures and videos since we're not allowed to be in the room while they're doing the procedure. By the way, I found out PICC stands for Peripheral Inserted Central Catheter. Its an IV that they put in through a regular vein but then they thread it all the way to either the superior or inferior vena cava (these are the two large veins coming off of the heart). Anyway, just thought I'd explain that because this explanation helped me understand it a little better. :) Other than the PICC line, the only news today is that Julianne seems to be doing well. Her heart rate has not gone too high, in fact, its gone a little too low a couple of times today but nothing major. Julianne's blood pressure has been good as well.

Here are the new pictures and videos:

Right after being extubated a few days ago.

Being sweet.

Don't I look huge in this seat?

Pulling my mommy's hair!!

Sleeping soundly today. :)

Just hangin' out in my bouncy seat!

Thanks for checking in and thank you for your continued prayers!


Anonymous said...

She looks so happy and content. It's great to see her like that.

We continue to pray that she gets stronger and stronger every day.


A. Stac

Anonymous said...

Oh we are so happy she has done well. And I (Naomi) didn't know what PICC line stood for and I used to assist Docs with ultrasound in placing them! Good work Jessica!
We continue to keep you all in prayer.
Love Aunt Naomi and Aunt Suz