Friday, February 22, 2008

Continued Improvement

Well, the medications that Julianne is on seem to be helping her!  She's receiving Milrino to help support her heart.  She's also getting Lasix to get rid of any extra fluid, although her x-rays have not shown her to be wet.  Julianne had a central line put in this evening so they could administer Dopamine as well.

Up until they sedated her to put in the central line, Julianne had been on 1/2 liter of oxygen and her saturations were in the 70's/80's!  Since she was sedated they bumped her back up to 1 liter just to be safe.

Julianne's color is coming back and she was awake, looking around, and slowly grabbing at her toys a couple of times today!  I even caught a glimpse of a smile this evening.

As of right now, she'll remain in the CICU for the weekend and continue to be watched closely.  On Monday they'll do another echo to check to see if her function has improved.  They'd considered doing one today, but felt it was too soon and they wouldn't see any improvement.

Dr. Breitbart said he feels that the medications are helping her.  We are excited and thankful for that.  Please pray for Julianne's continued improvement. :)

Thank you for checking in!  Goodnight . :)

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Jason, Denyse & Hannah said...

My goodness, what a journey it has been already. Please know that we will bump up the prayers for Miss Julianne and you two as well. It is definitely MUCH more difficult the second time around when you have bonded so much as a family. Our prayers continue to be with all of you. With your permission, I would like to share your blog with Hannah's Prayer Warriors. If not, I'll pass along her name without the link to her blog. You can never have too many prayers.

Jason treated someone who knew you from church in Zachary. Her name is Mimi. She wanted you to know that you are all in her prayers.

In our prayers,
The Englerts

Steven/ Missi Perry said...

We will continue to pray for Julianne and you guys! We know you are pouring everything you have into helping her get better, and we pray God will strengthen you through all of this! Hope to hear more good news as the w/e goes on.

Anonymous said...

It is a relief to hear that things are getting better for Julianne.

I had another one of my fellow employees say that they were going to place Julianne on her prayer list at church today after she overheard me talking about her situation.

Julianne is so blessed to have such wonderful parents by her side.

I am praying for Julianne's continued improvement!

Love you all,
Aunt Suzette

"And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive."
Matthew 21:22

cdhoerster45 said...

I'm so relieved that Julianne is having a much deserved better day. She is in my fervent prayers for continued improvement and I continue to pray for her loving family and medical team.

God bless,
Carol Joe