Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We Both Needed Baths

Sometimes all I can do is laugh.

Yesterday Julianne had an appointment with her Cardiologist. She was scheduled for an EKG, Echo, Chest X-ray and regular appointment. The EKG went fine, not much fussing from Julianne. After the EKG we were sent back out to the waiting room to wait to be called for the Chest X-ray. As we were sitting in the waiting area I realized I'd forgotten to throw a change of clothes in Julianne's diaper bag. Then, I thought, "I sure hope she doesn't have any explosive diaper issues." I then picked her up and realized she had a small wet spot on her pants. I thought that wasn't too bad I'll just go take her in the bathroom to change her. Well, then my hand happened to touch her back. It was then that I realized IT WAS BAD. It had come out of the top of her diaper all over her back, her shirt and pants AND my pants! I kind of hobbled over to the bathroom ( I had to try to carry her without getting my shirt covered in poop and push her stroller because that's where I had her feeding pump so I couldn't disconnect her). I asked a lady if she could open the bathroom door for me. She responded, "Oh, you poor thing..." and opened the door. We were in there a really long time. I heard Radiology calling "Julianne Caperton." I opened the bathroom door and announced across the waiting room "We'll be in there in a minute. She had an EXPLOSIVE diaper." After I got Julianne cleaned up and undressed I tried to clean my own pants. I was not very successful. So, I went over to Radiology with a baby dressed only in a diaper and a huge wet circle on the right leg of my pants. The very nice radiology tech gave Julianne a little hospital gown to wear so she'd have something since her slacker mom forgot extra clothes.

Next was the Echo. Through which I could smell poop the whole time. I wasn't sure if it was me, Julianne, or the clothes in her stroller. Either way, it was a small room and I'm sure the Echo tech knew it was one of us because it wasn't her. I just hope she assumed it was Julianne.

After the Echo, Julianne got her blood pressure checked. It was during that time that she threw up. I caught most of it in the only cloth diaper I brought. She finished and was crying so I put her over my shoulder to try to console her. She threw up again, this time on my shirt....nice. By now, we're both pretty stinky.

Then it was time for her appointment with the Cardiologist. After I explained why Julianne was wearing a hospital gown, I realized that her feeding tube had been leaking all over my pants and Julianne's body. This formula, as I mentioned before, is REALLY stinky. Its also very sticky. So, now we are both very stinky and sticky.

Because her feeding tube was leaking and there was no way to repair it, we then spent the next five hours smelling up the ER. We got our favorite ER Doctor, saw some of Julianne's nurses from when she was an inpatient at Ochsner, got a new feeding tube and were home by 10:15PM (we'd left for her appointment at 1:15 that afternoon).

All I could do was laugh. Considering everything, yesterday's problems were just humorous.

Anyway, her heart was fine. They're sending her Echo and other results to Boston so they can schedule her pre-operative testing up there. Everything looked fine on the echo. There was some restriction in the aortic arch, but Dr. Young says that is to be expected and not to worry. When they do her heart catheterization in Boston, they will probably balloon it open some. There is the possibility that Boston may do an MRI in place of the catheterization. However, Dr. Young says that is probably not the case for Julianne because of the restriction in the aortic arch. Julianne's doctor also took her off of Lasix. So, all in all, she looked good.

AND she weighs 13lbs now! We are getting quite a big girl. I guess that's a benefit of getting fed 24/7 with a high calorie formula. :)

That's all for now. As soon as I hear when her surgery will take place I will let everyone know. Thank you for your prayers and for laughing with us at our crazy day. :)


Anonymous said...

Julianne is blessed to have such a cool, calm mommy. You amaze me Jessica.

Love NSG Aunt Sarah

Julie Miles said...

Oh the joys of motherhood! I couldn't help but laugh along with you, glad you're able to keep such a good attitude about your crazy day! It seems inevitable, almost like kids KNOW - that when we didn't bring a change of clothes, that's the time for them to make the biggest messes!!

Glad to hear Julianne's heart is looking good and that you're still on track to be able to have the Glenn! Still praying for you and your big 13 lb. girl!

Julie, Dan & Ethan Miles

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day and night. Wish I could've been there to help,or at least laugh with you. I'm sure the nurses have smelled worse!

Scott, Rebecca, Wyatt & Annabelle Butcher said...

That has got to be the funniest thing I have heard in a long time! I laughed so hard...Wyatt did something similiar to that right before we left for a doctors appointment when he was a baby...fortunately we were still at home. You have the best sense of humor! You just have to laugh!

Great news about her little heart! She is chunking up nicely, too! Love the picture of her little smirk of satisfaction from getting her tube out, too! She's a doll!!!

Caroline Caperton said...

I'm so sorry to have not written sooner, but I've been following the family journey, laughing and crying with you. I'm praying always for the best health outcomes, and I'm doing my best to learn all I can about Julianne's condition - although I'm only in my second year of medical school! I'm amazed at how knowledge you are about all the procedures and management - more than my lecturers it seems! I'm certainly no expert on any of this, but I do have access to information and research papers. If there is ANYTHING that I can provide you with, info, prayers, moral support, please please let me know. I love y'all so much. Best to you!

Anonymous said...

What a funny chain of events. I remember having diapers like that with all three of the kids. But I don't think I was blessed to have so many events in one day... : )

Anyway, we love the happy stories. We'll take a happy, healthy and poopy baby any day!!!

Hugs & Kisses
A. Stac : )

Anonymous said...

Oh Jessica, I am so proud of you!!

I wouldn't have been laughing I probably would have been crying along with Julianne!!

You are such a strong person and I bet you never would have thought that you could ever do all this.

I know your faith is carrying you through all this.

I love you all and hope you have no more stinky, sticky episodes anytime soon.

Love you all

Aunt Suzette

Nici & Max said...

Tears are falling down my face from laughing so hard! We continue to think and pray for you daily. The Englerts

Anonymous said...

There are some times when only a good laugh will satisfy!! Thanks to God for sharing His sense of humor with us. It sounds like she is really doing well and is very blessed to have you and Kent for parents. We are praying for the Boston trip and and easy time for you all!
M White

Anonymous said...

I bet you'll remember lot.s of changes of clothes from now on! Not just some for her but you too! Keep yours in the car and even a spare for her besides your full diaper bag. I know you were tired from it all. Maybe it will help you now veiw your other days as better ones! Hang in there. My prayers are with you all along with the praises! Love In Christ,
A. Franklin

Anonymous said...

Oh you are so strong to have dealt with all that on your own.
Love Aunt Naomi