Monday, December 17, 2007

A Welcomed Break

Julianne had a pretty rough weekend in relation to her belly issues. After vomiting all night Friday night and Saturday morning, we took her in to see the pediatrician on call on Saturday. They did an x-ray and CBC blood test (because some of the vomit had a small amount of blood). The x-ray showed no obstruction (which was a concern because some of the vomit was green) and the CBC was normal. The doctor surmised that the blood was probably just from irritation from the tube going down on Thursday. There was no conclusive reason for why she was vomiting so much...just her reflux. So, they upped her Prevacid dose to twice a day.

Saturday night and Sunday morning she seemed to be doing better. That all changed in the afternoon. She began vomiting dark green and appeared to be getting a cold. So, on the advice of the pediatric cardiologist on call, we went to the ER. Julianne had another x-ray (this time of her belly and her chest). It showed no obstruction, her tube was in the right place and her chest x-ray was fine. So, we went home. She continued to vomit dark green through the night and up until about 4:30 this morning.

We went back to the doctor today. By the time we went Julianne was feeling better. All she had was her nasal congestion. The doctor said that reflux gets worse with age, with the peak being at 3 or 4 months, so she could just be hitting the peak. As far as the vomit being green, because her tube goes through the pyloric sphincter it makes a passageway for bile to go up into the stomach and the esophagus. The recently increased vomit could also be due to the obstruction she had a few days ago and/or the irritation from putting in a new tube. He said the question is how much is too much vomiting. He met with Julianne's local cardiologist and the GI doctor today and they decided to consult the Boston doctors on Julianne's persistent vomiting/reflux.

Over the past week (Tuesday to Monday) the only day we haven't been to the Ochsner Clinic, Hospital or ER was Friday. Its been pretty stressful. I'm sure even more stressful for Julianne than for us.

But... has been a GREAT day as far as the reflux is concerned! She hasn't even gagged much. We're so thankful and pray that it continues for her. Today was a much prayed for relief for Julianne.

As for her cold, Julianne's pediatrician said that its just that...a cold. No ear infection, throat problems or chest congestion. So, we'll just keep an eye on it.

Thanks for checking on Julianne and for your prayers. I hope that we'll have another great day to report tomorrow. :)


Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you every morning when I check your blog. Julianne is on our "permanent" prayer list at HBCS, and I'll send up some extra prayers that she improves and that you both have the energy to cope. It's the last week before Christmas craziness at school - program tomorrow, party Friday, kids paying little attention to real work!
Love and prayers,
Patty M

Anonymous said...

I had a premie baby that had reflux really bad and was in the NICU for the first 2 months of her life. I know my situation does NOT even compare and I do not know if this would even be an option for you guys but it is worth checking out. They started using what is called (Thick It) with her formula. By the time it gets in her stomach it has thickened to make it less likely to come back up.This may not work with her tubes but it is just a thought. We will keep praying for this little miriacle baby.

A Friend in Christ

Anonymous said...

Oh my precious ones, how my heart aches for you as you faces these trials. My prayers are ongoing for your strength and stamina,for steadfast hearts in the midst of adversities. May our faithful Father look down upon you and bless you with his peace that surpasses all our understanding! See you real soon! Love you , Grammie & Grandpa

Anonymous said...

We wish you all a wonderful and joyous Christmas. It is such good news to hear that Julianne is getting some relief. We continue to pray for for all of you.

Happy Holidays,

Your friends at Citrus Creek