Saturday, December 8, 2007

Long Time No Post

I realize it has been a while since we posted. The good thing is that there hasn't been much to post about. Julianne is doing well other than the usual vomit/gag/tummy issues and constantly trying to grab her NJ tube. I'm thinking we probably won't post quite as often as we used to now that we're at home and have a lot less free time. I will try to post as often as I can though.

We did have an exciting event happen last night. See Exhibit A:

Exhibit A

Notice there is no NJ tube attached to Julianne's face. Well that's because she pulled it out last night. I must say, she was pretty happy with herself afterward. We packed up and went the the ER. We got home around 11 PM. She was happy all the way up until it was time to put the tube back in (I hate that part). Poor Julianne, after she worked for almost a month to get that one out, now she has to start all over. She's such a smart little cookie. :)

Other than that, we're just kind of taking it day by day here. We're still on restriction as far as going out is concerned. We only go to doctor's appointments and walks if we so choose. Julianne's Cardiologist changed a couple of medication dosages due to her weight gain. Which, by the way, is OVER 10 POUNDS NOW!!! She's getting to be quite the butterball. She has a pediatrician appointment on Tuesday, but he said if everything is going well then we can cancel the appointment. We'll wait until Monday to make that decision.

That's about all for now. We'll update again soon. Until then here are some new pictures and a video of our baby girl:

Such a sweet girl

All dressed up and nowhere to go

Having a wild hair day

Julianne says, "That is one interesting ceiling fan!"

"Oh Mommy, you're so funny!"

"Peek a Boo!"

Sometimes Julianne will be zonked out asleep in our arms. Then, when we put her in her bed...


Julie Miles said...

Isn't it great to be to the point that there's not much to update! I'm so glad to hear Julianne's doing so well and getting so big! Praise the Lord for her wonderful progress! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the bad hair day picture. I know what she's going through.....It's tough living down here with all the humidity!!

We're glad to see she's getting stronger and stronger each day.

Give her a big kiss for us!!


A. Stac

Anonymous said...

I love the new pictures!! Thanks for sending them.

She is sooo sweet..

I know she must have felt like a free little bird without that tube. She looks beautiful even with the tube!!

I love the laying on her tummy picture.

I love you all.

Have a peaceful evening.

Love Aunt\Great Suzette

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful heavenly Father we have! We just continue to praise Him for your little miracle! Julianne will stay in our prayers, especially about her feeding troubles. She is soooo beautiful ~ what an incredible smile! Thanks for all the pictures. Oh, by the way, my kids are 4 and 2 and they still sleep best when they're with (or on) mommy and daddy. We love it though!
erin c.

Anonymous said...

well i mean, if i had a mobile like that above my bed i'd never sleep either...i mean, look how fun that thing!!

I'm so happy things are going well for you guys!!!
Julianne is sooo adorable!!!
i miss you guys and i can't wait to see ya'll again!!!

oh, and i expect to see a picture of the little santa soon!!!

<3 ya'll

Scott, Rebecca, Wyatt & Annabelle Butcher said...

I loved watching those little legs just a kicking! She has the cutest little expressions! I know you both are so wrapped by her. What a beautiful baby girl! We have another ultrasound on Thursday so I am looking forward to seeing Annabelle again. Thanks for all the great pictures!! Always praying~ Rebecca