Friday, November 30, 2007

We Love Julianne

As I was going through some of Julianne's hospital paperwork and surgery summaries that we have, I read through the summary from the night she went into cardiac arrest. Even though I remember that happening, it hit me again how precious every second is.

Just reading the words that she went into "bradycardiac arrest from which she was unable to be resuscitated" made me feel like I was reliving that night.

We love Julianne so much and I pray that we'll never take a moment of her life for granted. God has blessed us in so many ways through Julianne. Having a whole new appreciation for our time with our baby and all of our loved ones is just one of those ways. I know its a little late for some "Thanksgiving Thankfulness" but this is one of the many ways I'm thankful this year. :)


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful family!!!

Julianne was definatly part of my Thanksgiving prayers.

She is a precious gift and you all are too!

Love you all

Aunt Suzette

PS: I just looked at the new pictures ,they are really cute!! Good job Aunt Laura with the baby bath!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful precious family! I'm so proud of you guys. Aunt Laura rocks too!

Love NSG Aunt Sarah

Anonymous said...

Cherish every moment you have with each other. Life is way too short for any regrets. Love always!! It's never to late to be thankful.

You all are in our hearts and prayers.

Hugs & Kisses

A. Stac

Scott, Rebecca, Wyatt & Annabelle Butcher said...

So glad y'all are back online so we can see Julianne's beautiful face & your beautiful family! She is so precious to us!
Many (more) Blessings~ Rebecca

Anonymous said...

we are thankful for your family and your faithfulness!
erin c.

Anonymous said...

awww...she is such a miracle!!!
you guys are such a cute fam!
I'm thankful to have ALL three of you in my life!!!
I love ya'll!!!
<3 Kirstin

Anonymous said...

Jessica, Ken and Julianne,

I am sitting her in tears. Jess, I know as a mother who has lost a child how you must have felt. I myself am thankful for the time I was blessed to have my son. You will see as time foes by, it simply doea not seem it would ever be too much to have them. Please cherish every single momemt you have her and count every single one as a blessing, like I know you will. I would love to come and see Julianne whenever she is allowed visitors.

Love to all,
Kathy Fernandez Cheramie