Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Looks like at least another week

I spoke with Dr. Young, the hospital cardiologist, today. He said they will wait until Friday and talk with Dr. Breitbart (Boston Cardiologist) to make a decision about Julianne's feeding, i.e. whether she'll go home with a tube and what kind. Then on Monday they'll probably start making those changes. She's not doing too good with the bottle at this point. She'll take anywhere from 5 - 20 ML and will spit up or throw up about 50% of the time. Even if she did go home on a tube we'd continue to work on the bottle feeding.

Today, Julianne wheighed 8 lbs! We'd have to subtract just a couple of ounces though for the leads attached to her chest (they're not the usual little stickers. They're big clips). We are excited. Her socks actually fit snug on her ankles now!

Julianne seems to be doing well on the Neocate formula. No bloody stools and she's gaining weight like crazy! So, it looks like we'll be staying on that for a while.

Julianne did have some excitement today. She got to meet the New Orleans Saints' wide receiver, Marques Colston! She got a signed photo of him and some Saints souvenirs. Not that she'll remember it, but at least we got out of the room for a few minutes (by the way, I made sure that the people near us didn't have anything contagious. I think we're safe since broken legs aren't too contagious.)


Anonymous said...

That's so cool!! Maybe she'll be a Saintsation when she grows up!!! We're glad to hear the formula is working out.

We'll continue to pray that her bottle feeding goes well.

Hugs & Kisses

A. Stac

suzette said...

Great news and great pictures!!

If anyone has "EARNED IT" she has!!

I am happy to hear that her socks are getting a little more snug.

Love you all and see you soon!

Aunt Suzette

Anonymous said...

That is exciting! Something for Julianne to look back on someday. What encouraging news to hear that she is "gaining weight like crazy";soon she will be drinking from that bottle too. Go Julianne ! We are praying for you, all three of you. We love you very much. Grandpa & Grammie

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the pics. she's so beautiful and my kids love to see her. again, they said to tell julianne they love her. we continue to pray for her feedings and are so encouraged to hear she's gaining weight! we pray that God will will restore health to Julianne (jer. 30:17). and we pray that He will renew your strength, you will mount up with wings like eagles, run and not be weary, walk and not faint (isaiah 40:31). we trust in our Lord that y'all will be home soon and julianne will be eating from the bottle by the time you do go home!
love, erin, caroline,& conner c.